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    900 Litre NTS UN Approved Transportable Diesel Tank

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    Comes with:

    Contents Gauge, Fill Cap, Vent Cap, Isolation Valve, Hand pump, 4mtr Delivery Hose & Nozzle, Generator feed & Return Lines.

    Length: 1590mm

    Width: 1200mm

    Height: 1100mm

    Tank Capacity: 200 gallons / 908 ltrs

    Bund Capacity: 236 gallons / 1071 ltrs

    Manufacturer Code FB900
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    CTS Multi-Compartment Tank Alarm (Battery)
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    The CTS Battery Operated Multi-Compartment Fuel Tank Alarm system has three functions; to detect and warn of a fuel storage tank overfill, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak. If the tank level alarm identifies that any of these states have occurred, the zone in question will illuminate on the alarm’s screen, and a loud siren and flashing red light will go off. When its battery is low, this level bund alarm will sound a single beep every minute to alert the user of this.

    Thanks to being battery powered, these fuel tank alarms are designed to be installed on isolated or portable systems, and each zone can be configured allowing the alarm to be customised by the installer. Options are available that come with three relays, allowing additional equipment to be connected to the tank level alarm such as larger alarm systems or building management systems for remote monitoring. 

    If you need a tank level alarm for a fluid other than diesel or light oil, also available are a water and chemical alarm probe, and a high viscosity oil tank level probe – which is also suitable for AdBlue as well as high viscosity oils.

    Piusi Panther DC Diesel Transfer Battery Pump
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    Panther DC is a diesel transfer pump, available in the DC version. As a diesel transfer pump, Panther DC is designed to meet the requirements of use where a high-performance and long-lasting product is required.

    The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is versatile and can be applied in different sectors such as automotive, transport, agriculture, workshop and construction. A rotary, volumetric, self-priming vane transfer pump, Panther DC features a high seal and flow rate of up to 70 l/min. Panther DC has a sturdy body and is easy to install, and is suitable for installation on diesel dispensers and fixed fuel transfer systems, as well as other applications.


    The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is equipped with an integrated by-pass valve for precise adjustment of the quantity of flow transferred, with a flow rate of up to 70 l/min. The Panther DC pump is a self-priming rotary vane pump and can be used with both voltages 24 and 12 V.

    The junction box is equipped with an ON/OFF switch. The Panther DC diesel transfer pump is completed by the 100 µ filter incorporated in the pump body, which is easy to access for maintenance, and the 1" threaded connections.

    Piusi A60 Automatic Diesel Nozzle
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    The Piusi A60 diesel nozzle is automatic fuel nozzle design for private, non-resale refuelling of vehicles. As an automatic fuel pump nozzle, it will shut off when the tank is full, preventing an overfill scenario and allowing the safe use of the integrated 3 positions stay open latch. The Piusi standard automatic diesel nozzle is a perfect solution for refuelling vehicles such as lorries, small commercial vehicles and machinery and passenger cars.

    The Piusi Auto 60 refuelling nozzle is commonly used alongside Piusi Panther 56 diesel transfer pump. The fuel nozzle is also available as an A70 fuel nozzle with a higher flow rate, which is typically used with Piusi Panther 72 transfer pump.

    These Piusi automatic fuel nozzles are well known in the market as a reliable and comfortable to handle solution, without the added cost that comes with the forecourt style brands. For higher flow rate versions of this Piusi automatic diesel nozzles please look at the related products.

    Not suitable for gravity fed operation.

    Price 3,848.11 4,617.73 inc VAT

    Mild steel rigid container with steel portable bund fully welded with mechanical handling base and top lifting facility. Removable outer lid section with hinged lid providing full access to internal IBC.

    Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from mild steel plate to BS EN 10025.

    The inner tank providing the required storage area, the outer tank forms the required bund, with capacity of 110% of the total liquid being stored and facilitates any distribution pumps required.


    Certified to UN 1202 (for road haulage), BS799 part 5,  Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England & Wales) 200

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 900
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    900 Litre NTS UN Approved Transportable Diesel Tank

    900 Litre NTS UN Approved Transportable Diesel Tank
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