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    Septic Tanks

    Many people think that a septic tank is simply a tank for storing wastewater and sewage. However, it is more accurate to say that a septic tank is designed to store sewage for extended periods of time, within which it is allowed to decompose, making disposal easier when the tank is eventually drained. At Northern Tank Store we stock septic tanks from top manufacturers, suitable for a broad range of applications.

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    2300 Litre Tuffa Effluent Tank

    2300 Litre Tuffa Effluent Tank

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    Price 1,398.00 1,677.60 inc VAT

    Manufactured from High Grade Polyethylene in the UK, the 2300 Effluent tank by Tuffa comes complete with the following - 

    2 x 5″ inspection lids (waste entry point)

    1 x 12″ inspection lids (waste removal point)

    1 x 18″ inspection lid (waste removal point)

    4 x tank handles

    2 x Forsheda seals

    Convenient lifting eyes

    Internal bracing

    This 2,300 litre capacity effluent storage tank by Tuffa Tanks is designed for portable cabins, toilet blocks, welfare units etc. where mains effluent drainage is not available. The ability to site these tanks underneath these structures means they are great space-savers and can be ‘hidden’ from sight. These tanks can be interlinked to achieve a higher capacity and make a great yet affordable alternative to steel effluent tanks which are being replaced.

    While the 2,300 litre plastic effluent tank is Tuffa's only dedicated effluent tank, They also manufacture bunded chemical tanks and single skin waste water tanks in capacities from 1,350 litres to 20,000 litres which can also be used as effluent storage tanks. These plastic tanks can also be interlinked to achieve a higher capacity where needed and are great for constructed sites and other sites in remote areas.

    Septic Tanks

    What Is A Septic Tank?

    A septic tank is a tank that is used to safely collect, process and dispose of waste water, and is a form of on site sewage facility used by properties not connected to a mains sewerage system. To allow the natural process involved in breaking down the sewage and waste water to occur, septic tanks need to be totally secure for extended periods of time. 

    Septic tanks are especially useful at rural locations where waste is produced and access to mains effluence drainage is unavailable. They are commonly used for residential properties, however are also useful at commercial, industrial, or agricultural sites where there is no access to mainstream sewage disposal. 

    In some cases such as remote new developments, particularly for single dwellings, where connection to sewage mains is theoretically possible, a septic tank can still offer significant savings over a potentially costly project to install a connection to the nearest mains sewage system.

    What Kind of Septic Tank Do I Need?

    The kind of septic tank which is best suited to your needs depends primarily on how much sewage you expect to process and over what timeframe. Septic tanks can be required in a range of different circumstances. For example, they can be used to supplement toilet facilities at a temporary worksite, or as the means of sewage disposal at rural properties where access to mains effluent drainage is not readily available. 

    The septic tanks offered by Northern Tank Storage are all designed for discretion. Septic tanks are usually installed underground, around 50 metres away from the building itself.  There are a few safety regulations that must be adhered to as regards the installation of septic tanks; however, as they do not store any flammable fuel or serious pollutants, they can be installed at almost any location. 

    With such versatility as a priority, all of our septic tanks are composed of plastic, specifically high grade MDPE. As well as being easier to handle and place, plastic is preferable for use in septic tanks because it is easy to clean, will not rust, and the additional security of a steel is not required as it can be with systems such as heating oil storage. All of our septic tanks are also impact-proof. 

    Whatever septic tank you choose, you can be guaranteed that it will be discrete, secure, and odourless. If you have any questions about which septic tank is right for you, feel free to contact our team, who will be more than happy to advise you on the size and model of septic tank which you require..

    What Size of Septic Tank Do I Need?

    Because they are designed to handle the sewage produced by the residents of a property or the members of a work-team, septic tank sizes are best thought of in terms of how many people they are to serve. The septic tanks on offer at Northern Tank Store can be used for worksites or residencies of up to 14 people. For some perspective, a 2700-litre septic tank is referred to as a “4-person” tank.

    On Site Water Treatment

    Septic tanks are perhaps the most common solution for the treatment and disposal of sewage and waste water for properties not connected to a mains system. At Northern Tank Store we’re pleased to supply high quality tanks, as well as all the parts and accessories you may require.

    In addition to septic tanks, we also supply the latest water treatment tanks, including the high performance HydroClear range from Harlequin. These systems fulfil a similar role to a standard septic tank, however they use additional technologies to process waste on site, resulting in a 97% pollutant removal rate. This means that the resulting effluent can be safely discharged into a soakaway or nearby stream.


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