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    Samoa Polux DC Diesel Vane Transfer Pump

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    Battery Powered Rotary Vane Pump

    Comes with a carry handle

    12v DC or 24v DC

    30 Minute duty cycle

    Integrated Bypass Valve & Filter

    1" BSP Flanged connections

    2.5m Maximum Suction lift

    Manufacturer Code 684 530
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    Free Delivery Over £300

    The SAMOA Polux Series of DC Vane Pumps are high quality self priming pumps manufactured in Spain. These pumps come in either 12v or 24v, with flow rates of 40lpm or 60lpm (Depending on model). The pump body is made of cast-iron with rustproof treatment, rotor of sintered steel and vanes of acetal resin. The pumps include a by-pass valve and a built in filter with easy access for cleaning. The pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally, has a carrying handle and 2m cable with crocodile clamps.

    Inlet/outlet connection: 1" BSP (F) or flange coupling

    Maximum suction lift: 2.5m

    Pressure: 0.8 bar

    Electric DC motor with IP55 protection, allow intermittent operation duty with maximum cycles of 30 minutes.

    On/off switch and fuse.

    Pump Spec -

    684 530 - 12v DC Diesel Pump - 22 amp - 140 watt - 40 litre/min

    684 451 - 12v DC Diesel Pump - 38 amp - 220 watt - 60 litre/min

    684 531 - 24v DC Diesel Pump - 13 amp - 160 watt - 43 litre/min

    684 450 - 24v DC Diesel Pump - 25 amp - 240 watt - 65 litre/min

    Product Specification
    Flow rate: 40lpm
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: 12v
    Options Spec
    Flow rate: 60lpm
    Voltage: 24v

    Samoa Polux DC Diesel Vane Transfer Pump

    Samoa Polux DC Diesel Vane Transfer Pump
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