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    Samoa Polaris 50 Diesel Transfer Pump

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    High Quality Self Priming Rotary Vane Pump

    230v - 50hz - 2.2 amp

    Maximum Flow Rate: 50 Litres Per Minute

    Discharge Pressure: 1.7 Bar

    Integrated bypass valve & filter

    Continuous Running

    1" BSP Flanged Inlet/Outlet

    Manufacturer Code 685 720
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    Cim-Tek 70062 Hydrosorb Water/Particle Filter
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    This Cim-Tek Hydrosorb Fuel Tank Filter is an industry recognised filter designed to remove water and debris up to 10 micron. These fuel storage tank filters have a spin on resin coated pleated paper cannister element, which allows for the easy removal and replacement of the diesel filter element once it becomes full. The Cim-Tek fuel filter is a perfect solution for installation onto fuel storage tanks for refuelling vehicles, lorries, agricultural and plant machinery. 

    The Cim-Tek 70062 fuel tank filter is suitable for pumping installations up to 68lpm. If you are looking for a higher flow alternative of this Cim Tek Hydrosorb filter, see the 70063 filter.

    Samoa 3 Digit Mechanical Fuel Flow Meter
    Price 112.00 134.40 inc VAT

    The SAMOA Mechanical Nutating Disk Flow Meter is suitable for high-accuracy monitoring of diesel & Comes fitted with a 3 digit resettable totaliser (99.9L Max) & a 6 Digit non resettable totaliser. This Mechanical Flow Meter from SAMOA is suitable for gravity fed applications with a minimum flow of 20 litres per minute & has a very low pressure drop.

    The meter allows to orientate the inlet and outlet in four different positions.

    Maximum working pressure: 10 bar

    Flow range: 20 to 100 litre/min

    Precision after calibration: +/- 1%

    Samoa Flomaster 60 Automatic Diesel Nozzle
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    Aluminium automatic nozzle designed for delivering diesel. It is light, robust and includes a trigger latching mechanism to ease fluid delivery at different flow rates and an aluminium swivel to 1" BSP F to allow an easy hose connection.

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    Free Delivery Over £300

    The SAMOA Polaris Series transfer Pump is a self priming diesel pump with self-adjustable vanes, Pump body made of cast-iron with rustproof treatment, rotor of sintered steel and vanes of acetal resin.  The pumps include a by-pass valve and a built in filter with easy access for cleaning.  The pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally and has 1.8m cable with plug.

    Inlet/outlet connection: 1" BSP (F) or flange coupling

    Maximum suction lift: 2.5m

    Pressure: 1.7 bar

    230v - 50hz - 2.2 amp - 370 watt

    Electric AC motor with IP55 protection, allow continuous operation duty.

    On/off switch and fuse.

    Product Specification
    Flow rate: 50lpm
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: 230v

    Samoa Polaris 50 Diesel Transfer Pump

    Samoa Polaris 50 Diesel Transfer Pump
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