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    Romold have been manufacturing spill containment products since 1988, and have built a very large product range of various plastic spill containment products. All of Romold's products are Designed and Built within the UK by their in-house engineering team. Their range of products includes but isn't limited to Spill Pallets, Portable bunds, Bunded Cabinets and Mobile drip trays. All of which are available at competitive prices here at Northern Tank Store.


    Romold: Reliable Spill Control & Containment

    Romold's main focus lies in the design and manufacture of high-quality spill control products. This commitment has propelled the company to become one of the trusted names in spill control solutions worldwide.

    Their products are designed with the objective of minimising the impact of spills and leaks on the environment. Romold's solutions provide safety, protection, and compliance with environmental regulations, making them a valued partner for businesses handling potentially hazardous liquids.

    Romold's spill control solutions encompass a broad range of products, including drum pallets, IBC pallets, sumped pallets, and drip trays.

    Romold Drum Pallets provide a sturdy, durable platform for storing and transporting drums containing fuel, oil, or other liquids. These pallets are designed to contain spills, thus protecting both the workplace and the environment.

    Romold IBC Pallets are designed for the safe storage and transportation of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). They ensure that any leaks from the IBCs are safely contained, thus mitigating the potential for environmental contamination.

    The range of Sumped Pallets from Romold offer a secure platform for storing multiple containers. They feature a built-in sump that captures any spills, ensuring safe and compliant storage of hazardous liquids.

    Romold's Drip Trays, on the other hand, are a simple but effective solution for capturing drips and minor spills during dispensing or transfer operations, keeping the workspace clean and safe.

    Key Features of Romold Spill Control Solutions

    • Robust Construction: Romold's spill control products are made from high-quality plastics, ensuring durability and longevity.

    • Environmentally Responsible: All products are designed to contain spills, thereby protecting the environment from potential contamination.

    • Regulatory Compliance: Romold's products meet global spill containment regulations, ensuring your operations stay within legal requirements.

    • Versatility: From drum and IBC pallets to sumped pallets and drip trays, Romold provides a broad range of solutions to cater to various spill control needs.

    • Easy to Use and Maintain: Romold's spill control solutions are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance, reducing operational downtime.

    • High Spill Capacity: Romold products are designed with high containment capacities to effectively handle potential spills.

    With Romold's spill control solutions, customers are investing in high-quality, reliable, and environmentally responsible spill containment. These products deliver a blend of safety, compliance, and convenience that businesses handling hazardous liquids will find invaluable.


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