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    Platinum Tanks

    Platinum Tanks is a leading rotational moulding company specialising in the manufacture of high quality oil and water storage solutions. At Northern Tank Store we’re pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Platinum oil tanks, fuel tanks, water tanks, dispensing tanks and more at highly competitive prices.

    Platinum Tanks

    Platinum Tanks at Northern Tank Store

    Here at Northern Tank Store we offer the full range of Platinum Tanks, including Platinum single skin tanks alongside their popular bunded options. You can also find Platinum diesel tanks as well as Platinum AdBlue tanks, which are perfect for ensuring vehicles remain adequately fuelled.

    The range of Platinum water storage tanks are also available in a range of size options and include potable tanks suitable for drinking water storage.

    Platinum Bunded Oil Tanks & Oil Storage

    Platinum Tanks are well known for their fuel and oil storage solutions, and perhaps the most popular products from Platinum are the brand’s bunded oil tanks. Platinum bunded oil tanks are manufactured to include an outer shell around an inner tank. This system ensures high levels of safety when storing heating oil or other fuels, as spillages are retained within the tank between the two layers. The double layer construction also safeguards against puncturing or other damage to the tank from causing leaks or spills. Bunded heating oil tanks are a legal requirement in the UK for storing above a capacity threshold of 2500l, as well as when tanks are sited in certain positions such as in close proximity to controlled water, and are the preferred option for most domestic fuel systems.

    More About Platinum Tanks

    Platinum Tanks is headquartered in County Monaghan, Ireland, and specialises in the manufacture of sustainable solutions for both commercial and domestic fuel and water storage. At the heart of the Platinum Tanks range are their high quality oil and fuel storage tanks, which are available in a comprehensive choice of sizes and options to suit domestic applications as well as agricultural and other commercial use.

    Platinum Tanks place a specific emphasis on sustainability and environmentally conscious fuel and water tank solutions. They also provide specialist tanks such as dispensing tanks for use as fuel points and tanks for rainwater harvesting.

    Platinum Tanks are a company that prioritises innovation and the development of exciting new oil and water storage solutions. They frequently collaborate with the Polymer Processing Research Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast in order to have access to the latest technological and design innovations.

    Platinum Tanks Warranty & Manufacturing Standards

    Platinum Tanks manufacture their products to the highest quality, and offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects, or 2 year warranty for single skin tanks and bunkers. As an authorised UK supplier, all Platinum Tanks products purchased through Northern Tank Store come complete with full manufacturers warranty. To activate your warranty it is necessary to register your product via the Platinum Tanks website.

    All Platinum tanks meet the EU manufacturing standard EN13341, which is now a legal requirement across the UK for installation of such tanks. Platinum tanks are designed for storage of environmentally hazardous substances for extended periods of time and are manufactured to prevent leakage and spillage, as well as to keep evaporative emissions to a minimum. As with all storage tanks supplied by Northern Tank Store, our range of Platinum tanks are CE marked and adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, being thoroughly inspected for defects and passing relevant pneumatic pressure tests.

    If you need any help in finding the right Platinum model for your requirements, contact our expert team who will be able to assist you.

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