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    Piusi Premium Rotary Drum Hand Pump

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    Manual oil & diesel hand pump for drums

    Flow rate: 380ml per revolution

    Max Viscosity: 500 cSt

    2” M BSP drum connector & suction downtube

    Pump inlet locking mechanism for securing onto drum connector

    Version c/w 3m delivery hose & on/off valve swivel spout

    Version without house c/w “S” type spout

    Manufacturer Code F00332500
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    This Oil Spill Kit includes oil spill socks for containing the spill and stopping it spreading. These booms have a very flexible outer skin to ensure each have a high fluid absorbency of 7.5litres and high spill retention by moulding to the surface they are laid on. It also includes oil spill pads for absorbing the remaining fluid, each with a capacity of 1.1litres.

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    The Piusi Stainless Steel Rotary Hand Fuel Pump is a new generation solution, acting as more sturdy and durable option for manually dispensing diesel and oil from a drum. This premium self-priming manual fuel transfer pump has a stainless steel outer casing and benefits from smooth operation thanks to its rolling handle grip and quality constructed internals. 

    The inlet of this diesel hand pump benefits from a grooved locking mechanism for securing it onto the drum connector. This is to stop it from spinning on the drum whilst in operation; a problem common with cheaper solutions.

    Available is a version of this hand fuel transfer pump with 3m delivery hose for dispensing directly into the vehicle, which comes with a swivel spout with on/off valve to close off the hose when delivery has finished to prevent spillage. There is also a version of this Piusi fuel pump without hose that has an “S” type spout that is ideal for dispensing straight into an oil jug.

    Product Specification
    Flow rate: 380ml/rev
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: Manual
    Options Spec
    Fuel Type: Oil

    Piusi Premium Rotary Drum Hand Pump

    Piusi Premium Rotary Drum Hand Pump
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