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    Piusi K40 Metered Oil Nozzle

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    Availability 2-3 Days

    Manual Shut off nozzle

    Plastic Anti-shock grip

    Suitable for Oil, Diesel & Rapsoil

    30lpm maximum flow rate

    ½” BSP Swivelled Inlet

    Max pressure: 70 Bar

    Optional Flexible spout

    Manufacturer Code F00973020
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    EnviroSpill Oil Spill Kit
    Price 12.50 15.00 inc VAT

    This Oil Spill Kit contains all you need to simply and quickly deal with an oil spill in a portable and easy to access clip close carrier. Designed to absorb all hydrocarbon based oils, fuels, lubricants and petroleum based liquids, this emergency spill kit is a must have for wherever fuel or oil is stored, delivered or handled. Versions are available to clean up 10litres, 20litres and 40litres depending upon the individual requirements.

    This Oil Spill Kit includes oil spill socks for containing the spill and stopping it spreading. These booms have a very flexible outer skin to ensure each have a high fluid absorbency of 7.5litres and high spill retention by moulding to the surface they are laid on. It also includes oil spill pads for absorbing the remaining fluid, each with a capacity of 1.1litres.

    Due to their hydrophobic nature, the spill absorbents do not soak up water making them ideal for applications where water and oils must be separated. The spill pads remain buoyant in water, even when fully saturated, allowing them to absorb oil off the top.

    Piusi Viscomat 70 Vane Oil Transfer Pump (110v/230v/400v)
    Price 302.00 362.40 inc VAT

    The Piusi Viscomat 70 Vane electric oil transfer pump has been designed to transfer large quantities of oil at medium pressure between tanks. This Piusi pump also guarantees good flow rates at high pressure, in applications in which the oil pump must supply hose reels for fixed oil distribution systems. Common features of all Viscomat oil transfer pumps include quiet operation (less than 70dB), smooth flow characterised by the absence of pulsations, closed-delivery operation thanks to the incorporated adjustable bypass, high suction capacity and compact design.

    The Piusi Viscomat Vane Pump is also suitable for the transfer of diesel within a system. Please note: We would not advise it for diesel dispensing/refuelling applications.

    Piusi Viscotroll Oil Transfer Pump Trolley
    Price 634.00 760.80 inc VAT

    The Piusi Viscotroll Electric oil transfer pump is a mobile unit, ideal for delivering oil from a drum anywhere in the workshop. The mobile unit is comprised of a trolley that is equipped with a self priming gear oil transfer pump, a nozzle and hose. This Piusi pump unit can be supplied in various configurations including flow meter and pressure switch options. As they are powered by electricity, the Viscotroll AC oil transfer pumps can be connected to any power socket, eliminating the need for compressed air.

    Price 225.00 270.00 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Over £300

    The Piusi K40 Oil Nozzle is a compact, reliable, lightweight flow meter built into the Piusi Easyoil nozzle. This allows users of these fuel nozzles to control the quantity dispensed of diesel, oil or raps oil at the nozzle end. Versions of this model come with a flexible or rigid automatic non-drip spout, which prevents any leakage from the end of the spout after you have finished dispensing. The meter on this diesel and oil nozzle has oval gears and a resettable counter for individual dispensing.

    Product Specification
    Flow Rate: 30lpm
    Fuel Type: Oil

    Piusi K40 Metered Oil Nozzle

    Piusi K40 Metered Oil Nozzle
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