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    Piusi K24 Turbine Pulse Meter

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    Availability 2-3 Days

    Flow rate: 5-120ltr Per Min

    Fluid viscosity: 2-5.35 cSt

    Pulses: 88 Per Ltr

    1” M BSP Inlet/Outlet c/w one socket

    Turbine meter

    Accuracy +/-1% after calibration

    Manufacturer Code F0040722A
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    Clear Suction Hose
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    The Clear Diesel Suction Hose is a flexible, general suction hose with steel wire braid and a transparent wall. This enables visual indication of the fluid which gives you an idea of flow at a glance. Whilst this diesel hose is primarily designed for suction applications, it can also be used as a fuel delivery hose. The ¾” version of these fuel suction hoses can be used in AdBlue™ pump installations and in AdBlue™ gravity hose kits.

    CTS Economy Tank Level Alarm
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    The CTS Economy Fuel Tank Level Alarm system is an entry level, battery powered solution for when only one alert is required. It is designed to indicate that the tank level has reached either a high or low state, with an integrated flashing red LED and a 90db sounder to warn the user that action will be required in due course. This simple and cost effective fuel tank alarm benefit from test and alarm mute functions, as well a battery life of over 72 hours when in full alarm mode, making it a solution for sites that are no always manned.

    This fuel tank level alarm comes with three cut to size stickers for you to select and stick next to the LED, for making it clear to the user what the alarm siren is indicating. There are two labelled high and low, and one that is blank in case you wish to name it something else with permanent marker.

    There is a version of this fuel tank alarm with probe for diesel and oil, and a version without a probe for use with a variety of fluids. A range of different tank level probes are available for fuel oil, waste oil, water and chemicals. 

    Auto 60 Diesel Hose & Nozzle Kit
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    This ready to fit fuel hose and nozzle kit comes with a Piusi Standard Auto 60 nozzle and premium diesel delivery hose, making it the ideal solution for when the hose and nozzle on existing fuel dispensing pumps needs replacing. Suitable for use with both diesel and oil applications, this fuel tank hose and nozzle comes in two different hose lengths for you to choose from – 4 or 6 meters.

    The Auto 60 fuel pump hose and nozzle kit comes with an automatic fuel nozzle from Italian manufacturer Piusi, which shuts off when the vehicle tank being filled is full. This, combined with a premium hose and assemblies, with swaged stainless steel full ferrules and BSP hose tails with sealing o ring, makes for a premium solution for a replacement diesel nozzle and hose.

    Price 115.00 138.00 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Over £300

    The Piusi K24 Fuel Pulse Meter is a digital turbine pulse meter, designed for counting the quantity of diesel, oil, windscreen fluid and anti-freeze that has been dispensed. These Piusi diesel pulse meters have no display for reading the fuel delivery information, as they tend to be used to interface consumption data with external management systems, or displays meaning that the information can be retrieved elsewhere. The K24 fuel flow meter with pulse output is a flexible meter that can be used for a variety of applications including industrial and non-commercial fuel delivery. Easy to install inline or at the end of the dispensing pipe, the Piusi K24 fuel pulse meter can be fitted in various installations.

    Product Specification
    Flow rate: 120lpm
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: Battery
    Options Spec
    Fuel Type: Windscreen
    Options Spec 2
    Fuel Type: Water

    Piusi K24 Turbine Pulse Meter

    Piusi K24 Turbine Pulse Meter
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