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    Piusi Cube B.SMART Dispensing Fuel Management System (230v)

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    Online portal for real time monitoring

    Portal can be used with multiple pumps and sites

    Export products into .pdf or .xlsx

    Records all data

    Ability to preset dispensing volume

    No ongoing fees to use the software

     70-90 Litres per minute flow rate

    1" BSP Inlet

    4 Meter delivery hose & Auto Nozzle

    Manufacturer Code 598000
    Flow Rate
    Mounting Kit
    You May Also Need
    Piusi B.SMART Additional Driver App Licenses
    Price 215.00 258.00 inc VAT

    Piusi B.SMART Fuel Management Systems come as standard with 10 or 20 driver app licences (depending upon the model chosen) required for each person to access the fuel pump. In case more users need access to the fuel management system, we offer additional packages of 5 - 50 driver app licences.

    The driver app license is designed to be allocated to authorised users, as the pump will only dispense fuel when activated via Bluetooth from the driver's B.SMART app. The app license also allows the Piusi B.SMART fuel management system to record the transaction information and send the data to the cloud once the refuelling is complete. This means that the data is recorded in real-time, enabling the monitoring of multiple dispensers across unlimited geographical sites. There are no ongoing subscription or hosting fees once the driver access licences and the cloud fuel management system are bought.

    Piusi B.Smart Tank Watchdog Module
    Price 726.50 871.80 inc VAT

    Piusi B.SMART Tank Watchdog is an add-on module to remotely monitor fuel stock and levels of any tank with a Piusi B.SMART cloud-based fuel management system. This is the perfect add on for monitoring the fluid levels in real-time, identifying the value of fuel inventory and managing fuel suppliers by recording delivery date, price, invoice number, and litres received. Using the B.SMART Tank Watchdog, you can set level alarms and get email notifications when you reach the level alarm set, e.g. “Red diesel tank at 10% - Need to order a fuel delivery”. The Piusi fuel management system add on can also prevent the pump from dry running and ensure fuel level buffer for emergencies by stopping the pump according to the fluid level. 

    B.SMART Tank Watchdog can work in two ways as a virtual tank and an actual tank. Piusi virtual Tank Watchdog add on will automatically subtract dispenses, but fuel deliveries need to be added manually to monitor the fuel levels in real-time, record the value of inventory and follow fluid price trends. The actual tank option works when you install an Ocio 2.0 or any other 4-20 ma or 0-10v gauge to read live tank levels without the need for manually adding fuel deliveries.  

    Piusi B.Smart Fuel Economy Module
    Price 514.20 617.04 inc VAT

    Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy is an add-on module to the B.SMART cloud-based fuel management system to remotely monitor fuel consumption, miles per gallon and manages driver and vehicle activity. By simply adding this smart and intuitive Fuel Economy add-on to your Piusi B.SMART fuel management system, you can extend its power, having full control over your site and increase the profitability of your fleet. To have a complete view of the site’s fuel consumption, there is the ability to manually add external refills at service stations and run reports by vehicle or driver to spot deviations in actual MPG versus manufacturer specified MPG to identify vehicle issues or undesirable driving behaviour. 

    Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy add-on allows you to organise the fleet and manage consumption limits by quickly setting up driver details and controls. These include how much fuel they can dispense in a time period and what hours they can refill and restrict what vehicles they can refill. To identify drivers easy and run detailed reports, you can upload an image of the vehicle and the driver, registration, odometer, tank size and standard consumption, and categorise them into groups for reporting purposes such as by type of vehicle or contract. 

    Thanks to the smart design of the Piusi Fuel Economy fuel management system add-on, you can generate QR code stickers for each vehicle to save the driver from manually adding the registration at the time of refuelling. This feature can save time during the refuelling and reduce the risk of human error.  

    Price 2,190.00 2,628.00 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Over £300

    The Piusi Cube B.SMART is an industry recognised, compact fuel dispenser for fast and reliable refuelling thanks to its high performance, Italian design.

    B.SMART is the first cloud-based fuel management system from Piusi, providing the fleet manager with remote and real-time data on their fuel use online. It works by using a licenced app on the driver’s iOS or Android mobile device to activate the dispensing via Bluetooth, and its network to send the data to the cloud once the transaction is complete. This enables the real-time monitoring of multiple dispensers across unlimited geographical sites through a single user-friendly online web portal via the PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you are, saving the need to compile separate reports or visit all of the sites. 

    One of the largest benefits of the Piusi B.SMART is that unlike other cloud-based fuel management systems on the market, there are no ongoing subscription or hosting fees to account for, you simply buy the system and that's it.

    As well as being able to view up to date refuelling transaction reports by date, the quantity of fuel taken, driver, vehicle and dispenser, the fleet manager can also remotely control who can dispense the fuel by adding and removing driver access to the pump. The Piusi B.SMART online fuel management system therefore also prevents unauthorised fuel use, as only those drivers set a with a mobile app licence by the manager can draw fuel. 

    Product Specification
    Flow rate: 70lpm
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: 230v

    Piusi Cube B.SMART Dispensing Fuel Management System (230v)

    Piusi Cube B.SMART Dispensing Fuel Management System (230v)
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