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    Piusi Cube 70MC Dispensing Fuel Management System

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    Controls up to 50 or 120 users (depending on model)

    Records transaction data such as user, date, time & Quantity

    Facility to record vehicle reg number & odometer readings

    Pump start/stop & pre-set dispense features

    Local memory of 255 transactions

    4m x 1" delivery hose

    Optional software to download data to a Windows PC

    Installation available on request, please contact us for a quote

    Manufacturer Code 59400B
    You May Also Need
    Piusi Access 85 Fuel Security System - Self Install Kit
    Price 197.00 236.40 inc VAT

    The Piusi Access 85 self install retail pack is a fuel tank security system supplied with all items required to self install the unit on an existing fuel storage tank. The Access 85 is a pump control, which restricts who is able to dispense fuel using an electronic key system. This Piusi fuel security unit is able to register up to 85 users as authorised magnetic key holders, and will only allow refueling to be carried out with these keys.

    The unit has additional features including an emergency stop button and a variable delivery timer. The Access 85 is the ideal solution when a user requires the security benefits of a fuel management system, but finds their reporting software costly and unnecessary.

    Included in the package is the Access 85, a manager key, a user key, instructions, 1m of twin and earth and the necessary bolts and screws.

    Piusi Self Service Agilis Management Software
    Price 255.00 306.00 inc VAT

    The Piusi Self Service Management 2018 Software for Piusi fuel management systems is the new revamped version of the market known Self Service Desk, having identical functionality as the previous software but benefits from a more modern, attractive and user-friendly interface.

    The Piusi Self Service Software allows the user to view all stored refuelling transaction data recorded by the management system on a PC rather than just at the unit, enabling the convenient and easy analysis of this information. This Piusi software enables the user to see what units they have on-site, view the data graphically, which can be filtered by user, date, vehicle or dispenser to narrow results and export reports in the desired format such as Excel, PDF or text only.

    This fuel management system software is available in two formats; a download from the Piusi website using your allocated licence key (which we recommend); or run off a USB. The Piusi Self Service Management 2018  allows data to be transferred through hardwiring or via a key reader connected to the PC via USB. If the PW Mobile Pack is purchased, data can also be transferred from up to 16 dispensers on a single remote site to a PC elsewhere via a 4G network.

    This fuel management software is suitable for the Piusi MC Box, Cube and Self Service fuel management system units. For those who want to upgrade from the original Piusi Self Service Desk, you can migrate your old data to ensure no history is lost.

    Piusi Fuel Management System Manager Key
    Price 60.00 72.00 inc VAT

    The Manager Key is designed to set up and control the electronic key system of a Piusi fuel management system. The manager key is required to register the user keys and allocate them to a driver or vehicle, and is also required to download the transactions to a computer if the Self Service Desk fuel management software is purchased. As standard, the manager key comes with the software kit. However, we offer it individually as a replacement should the user have lost it. 

    Price 1,620.00 1,944.00 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Over £300

    The Piusi Cube 70MC Fuel Management System is a compact, easy to install diesel dispenser for private use, which ensures fast and precise dispensing by authorised personnel. The Piusi unit, which comes standard with a nozzle holder, internal diesel transfer pump, motor and electronic meter, is capable of recording the date, time and amount of fuel dispensed for the last 255 transactions. As well as fuel monitoring, the Cube fuel pump management system also provides fuel security by only giving authorised users access to the bunded diesel tank's contents. The Cube 70 MC fuel tank monitoring systems can be fitted to a wall, directly onto the tank or on a stand-alone pedestal.

    The standard version of this fleet fuel management system can monitor up to 50 users, although a version for controlling 120 users is available. Using either a pin code system or the electronic data keys available, this Piusi fuel management system is set up at the unit. The transaction data can be viewed from the fuel management system’s screen. However, there is additional Piusi Self Service Desk fuel management software that allows the data to be exported to a local PC

    Product Specification
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: 230v
    Options Spec
    Voltage: 12v
    Flow rate: 70lpm
    Options Spec 2
    Voltage: 24v

    Piusi Cube 70MC Dispensing Fuel Management System

    Piusi Cube 70MC Dispensing Fuel Management System
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