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    Piusi 3000 Supreme DC Fuel Management System

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    Self priming DC Pump

    Runs on 12v and 24v

    Continuous running

    Max flow rate: 50 L/min

    Secure dispensing via smartphone app

    Ability to preset dispensing

    Pump controlled via smartphone app

    Allows 2 users & 20 transactions (options available for more)

    Manufacturer Code F00250H00
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    Free Delivery Over £300

    The Piusi 3000 Supreme is a highly innovative device designed to offer full pump control and management from a smartphone app, thus helping users fill up with diesel from mobile tanks quickly and safely.

    The Piusi 3000 Supreme is a compact, self-priming vane pump with a flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute. Thanks to its compact design, the Piusi 3000 supreme is easy to install on virtually any tank.

    The Piusi smart pump will only turn on and dispense fuel to authorised smartphone app holders, which secures the fuel when a site is left out of hours. Giving you the ability to record dispensing data including quantity of fuel taken, and date and time, this refuelling pump provides a greater handle on how your fuel is being used and help to spot anomalies.

    The Piusi 3000 Supreme intelligent pump manages its own operation to save time and eliminate causes of pump failure often associated with mobile tanks. Users and managers can pre-set the number of litres to dispense, reduce flow rate for filling jerry cans. The diesel transfer pump will automatically stop running if your tank runs out of fuel to protect itself from dry run damage. The pump can slow its own motor down to prevent overheating, allowing it to be continuously run unlike other battery powered models.

    As standard the Supreme pump can have 2 users and stores the last 20 transactions on the app. By upgrading to the PRO you can have 10 users and the last 100 transactions can be stored on the app or can be downloaded to CSV file.

    Multiple Piusi 3000 Supreme pumps can be integrated with the Piusi B.SMART cloud based fuel management software, meaning you can monitor mobile fuel tanks across unlimited sites remotely through a single online portal. This also allows up to 500 users and unlimited transactions to be stored and downloaded to CSV file.

    Product Specification
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Voltage: 12v
    Flow rate: 50lpm
    Options Spec
    Voltage: 24v

    Piusi 3000 Supreme DC Fuel Management System

    Piusi 3000 Supreme DC Fuel Management System
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