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    Since 1953 Piusi has been a world leading player in the fluid handling sector, with a complete range of products for fluid transfer and management. Here at Northern Tank Store we're proud to offer a huge range of Piusi products from the legendary Panther series, to the market leading B.Smart Management System, all at the best prices.


    Piusi: Comprehensive Fuel Management & Transfer Solutions

    Piusi is an Italian-based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality fuel transfer equipment and fuel management systems for various industries, including automotive, agriculture, transportation, and construction. 

    With a commitment to innovation, quality, reliability and accuracy, Piusi has become one of the most respected brands in the fuel management and transfer sector, offering a wide range of products designed to facilitate the efficient and safe handling, storage, and distribution of fuels.

    Piusi's product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of solutions for all kinds of fuel management, storage and dispensing applications.

    Piusi Transfer Pumps, including electric and manual options, are suitable for various fuel types and applications. These pumps are designed for efficient and reliable fuel transfer, minimising waste and ensuring optimal performance.

    Piusi Dispensing Nozzles, including automatic shut-off and manual options, are designed to ensure safe and precise fuel dispensing, preventing overfills and spills.

    Piusi Filters help protect transfer pumps and other equipment from contaminants, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of fuel management and transfer systems.

    Piusi Dispensers are designed for easy integration with various fuel storage tanks, providing user-friendly and efficient fuel dispensing solutions for diverse applications.

    Piusi Meters provide accurate measurement and monitoring of fuel consumption, facilitating effective fuel inventory management and cost control.

    Piusi Fuel Management Systems offer advanced features, such as user authorization, data tracking, and reporting, ensuring secure and efficient fuel management for commercial and industrial applications.


    Key Features Of Piusi Products

    • Innovation: Piusi continuously invests in research and development, ensuring that their products incorporate the latest technology and meet the evolving needs of the fuel management and transfer industry.

    • Quality and Reliability: Manufactured using high-quality materials and precision engineering, Piusi products are built to provide consistent performance and durability in diverse environments.

    • Versatility: The brand offers a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to various fuel types, applications, and industries, ensuring customers can find the right solution for their specific needs.

    • Safety and Compliance: Piusi products are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations, providing customers with reliable and safe fuel management and transfer solutions.

    Piusi is a famous brand in the fuel management and transfer industry, offering a comprehensive range of products, including transfer pumps, nozzles, filters, dispensers, meters, and fuel management systems. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Piusi consistently delivers reliable and efficient fuel management and transfer solutions that cater to various applications and sectors.


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