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    Low Profile Single Skin Tanks

    Low profile single skin oil tanks are ideal when available storage space is restricted, or if the tank needs to be concealed. We stock highly versatile, practical low profile tanks that are compatible with a range of fuels including heating oil, diesel and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

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    1225 Litre Atlas Low Profile Single Skin Oil Tank

    1225 Litre Atlas Low Profile Single Skin Oil Tank

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    Price 789.00 946.80 inc VAT

    Atlas Single Skinned Tanks ate OFTEC certified and comply fully with the latest Environment Agency Regulations. All tanks are manufactured from high grade polyethylene and are supplied with moulded in fittings. All our single skinned tanks come standard with a 1” female outlet and ‘O’ ring seal for unsurpassed protection against leaks.

    Atlas tanks are compatible with the latest electronic alarms which are available on request.

    Low Profile Single Skin Tanks

    Low Profile Single Skin Oil Tanks

    The average low profile tank has a much reduced height compared to regular heating oil storage tanks. At Northern Tank Store we often stock low profile tanks with heights of approximately 35 inches (900 millimetres). Some versions may have a height of around 24 inches (600 millimetres).

    Low profile tanks constructed from high-quality steel are usually flat topped and have leakproof, welded seams. Plastic low profile tanks are manufactured from rotationally moulded medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). They provide a reliable, seam-free construction with a convex upper surface.

    Benefits of a Low Profile Single Skin Tank

    Perhaps the main reason why property owners opt for a low profile heating oil tank is that they are easier to conceal than a regular tank. This means that when a tank needs to be placed within a garden or outdoor space, a low profile option will have lower visual impact and can be screened more effectively.

    Single skin tanks generally require less space and are often more cost efficient than bunded models. However, at Northern Tank Store we also offer bunded low profile oil tanks for those needing to store larger quantities of fuel, or who require additional safety from leaks or spills.

    As well as being used to store heating oil for homes, many industries such as construction, agriculture and manufacturing use low profile tanks to store fuels including kerosene, hydrogenated vegetable oil and diesel. In some work spaces where there are multiple fuels in storage tanks, a low profile tank can be instantly recognised to hold a particular fuel.

    The lack of height helps position it in areas where space is limited providing safety restrictions concerning clearance are adequately met. Plastic low profile single skin tanks are usually stabilised to help them resist the effects of UV rays. They are also much easier to move as their weight is often less than half that of a comparable steel tank.

    Low Profile Single Skin Tanks From NTS

    Browse our range of low profile single skin tanks online and shop with confidence at Northern Tank Store. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of fuel storage solutions we offer high quality products at prices that are always competitive, with fast and free delivery available on many items.

    We also offer bespoke tanks manufactured to meet specific requirements, so whatever your fuel storage needs, contact NTS for help and expert advice on selecting the right products.

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