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    IBC Bottom Outlet Fitting - Female BSP

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    60 x 6 DIN61 Buttress Female Inlet

    1" F BSP or 2" F BSP Outlet

    Polypropylene Construction

    Suitable for AdBlue, Chemicals, Diesel, Oil & Water

    Manufacturer Code IBF/100FSWIV-PG
    Outlet Size
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    1125 Litre IBC Spill Pallet With Dispensing Area - 1 IBC
    Price 585.00 702.00 inc VAT

    This IBC spill pallet is fully compliant with the UK 110% bund regulation and is specifically designed for use with most common footprints of 1000ltr intermediate bulk containers (IBC). The unit is designed so that the IBC sits directly onto the integral support columns, doing away with the need for a grid mesh deck (If you use IBCs with a metal base pallet you should use model BB3GB which comes complete with a grid mesh deck).

    To the front of the spill pallet is a built-in 260mm deep decanting area which allows any leaks/drips to be contained within the sump and as you would expect the unit has broad range chemical compatibility.

    Backed by a 3 year guarantee.

    1135 Litre Self-Emptying Clear Flow Interceptor Drip Tray
    Price 1,735.00 2,082.00 inc VAT

    What is a Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray

    The  Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is a self-emptying drip tray which incorporates a unique patented filter system that allows trapped water to free flow to ground (eliminating the risk of overflowing during prolonged rainfall) whilst containing any contaminant that has been caught within the tray.

    What does the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray do

    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray provides temporary or permanent storage for items such as Generators and when placed beneath a pump or generator any drips, leaks or spills which may occur are held within the Tray preventing contamination of the surrounding area.

    Conventional drip trays will over time fill with rain water eventually overflowing allowing any contaminated water to flow to the ground around it.

    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray eliminates the risk of overflowing that is seen when using a conventional drip tray by allowing the trapped water only to free flow to ground.

    How does it work?

    The basic principle behind the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is that oil floats on water meaning that when the water level in the tray raises any oils caught in the tray will remain on its surface, excess water is allowed to draining through the patented filter system that ensures full removal of all traces of oil that may still be present in the water. The long life filters will hold up to 7.5 litres. Easy removal of the filter basket allows filter replacement to be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.


    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is manufactured from steel plate to BS EN 10025-2:2004 S275JR and is fully seam welded forming a liquid tight bund. The trays are fitted with removable galvanised support beams that hold any items placed on top above any water trapped within the tray and also allow access to the bund for cleaning etc. Integral lifting points are fitted for ease of lifting and siting of the trays. Base plinths reducing the risk of damage when in contact with the ground.


    The use of drip trays is now a legal requirement under the control of pollution regulations.

    Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England & Wales) 2002 PPG2


    The unique design of the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray provides you with a fully compliant way of meeting the needs of these regulations with a single unit.

    Sizes available

    The  Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is available in various standard sizes ,can be placed together to form a larger area if required or can be bespoke built to match your exact requirements.

    Piusi Suzzara Blue 3 Basic IBC AdBlue Transfer Pump Kit
    Price 451.00 541.20 inc VAT

    The Piusi Suzzara Blue 3 Basic is an improved and redesigned version of the market known Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit.  This new stainless steel plated AdBlue™ transfer pump solution from the Italian manufacturer Piusi is different from competing products on the market thanks to its robust and sturdy roll bar enclosure, which protects the pump from accidental impact. Designed as a ready to go solution for the dispensing of AdBlue™ (DEF) specifically from an IBC, this AdBlue™ IBC pump kit comes with a self-priming membrane Piusi AdBlue™ pump, manual nozzle, delivery and suction hose and IBC connector. In response to market requirements, we also supply a “hybrid” version which comes with an automatic nozzle to shut off when the tank is full.

    The Suzzara Blue 3 Basic AdBlue™ pump kit can be mounted securely onto the IBC with the integrated locking bracket to ensure the Piusi pump kit cannot be easily pulled off under force. It also benefits from a large practical hose holder allowing the hose to be rolled securely and neatly, and a nozzle holster with a removable drip cup for easy cleaning.

    Depending on user requirements, this IBC AdBlue™ pump kit is available with a choice of low voltage or electric AdBlue™ pump. If you want to monitor how much you are dispensing, then the Suzzara Blue 3 Pro IBC AdBlue™ pump kit comes with the addition of a flow meter, as does the Suzzara Blue 3 Pure Pro AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit also complete with a filter.

    Price 9.00 10.80 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Over £300

    This Female 60 x 6 DN61 IBC Fitting fits to the bottom outlet of an IBC to convert a buttress thread to a Female BSP fitting, this enables you to easily connect equipment such as water taps/hose with suitable reducers. It is constructed of polypropylene and comes in either 1" BSP or 2" BSP. This IBC adapter is suitable for use with AdBlue, Diesel, Oil, Water and Chemicals.

    Product Specification
    Fuel Type: Diesel
    Options Spec
    Fuel Type: Oil
    Options Spec 3
    Fuel Type: Chemical
    Options Spec 2
    Fuel Type: Water
    Options Spec 4
    Fuel Type: AdBlue

    IBC Bottom Outlet Fitting - Female BSP

    IBC Bottom Outlet Fitting - Female BSP
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