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    Harlequin Plastics

    Harlequin Plastics are renowned for supplying high-quality, safety tested, and innovative storage tanks and systems for commercial and domestic use. Working primarily with durable and adaptable polyethylene, Harlequin manufactures heating oil tanks, fuel tanks, and water tanks in a comprehensive range of capacities, all of which are available here at Northern Tank Store.

    Harlequin Plastics

    Harlequin Tanks at Northern Tank Store

    A long-established and highly popular brand available at Northern Tank Store, we’re pleased to offer great deals across the full range of Harlequin tanks. Whether you’re looking for Harlequin water storage tanks and systems, or solutions for storing heating oil or other fuels, choosing a Harlequin tank means choosing a product you can trust; you can be confident that every product has been engineered to meet or exceed relevant legislative and environmental requirements.

    Harlequin Heating Oil & Fuel Storage

    Harlequin offers a high quality range of tanks for the storage of heating oil, as well as diesel and AdBlue. From smaller capacity tanks up to high capacity models for commercial use, products are designed to include innovative features and are manufactured to the highest standards.

    Harlequin’s HQi range includes solutions for tank only requirements up to 2500 litres, while the great value Harlequin ITE bunded oil tank packages adds a tank pack which includes an electronic gauge to monitor fill levels, as well as a bottom outlet fitting kit. For discreet fuel storage and where conditions allow, Harlequin also offers high quality underground oil tanks, which are perfect for homes where outdoor space may be limited.

    For commercial or agricultural use, Harlequin fuel stations are available in a range of capacities and enable fuel to be stored safely and securely on-site. Bunded to prevent spillage and contamination, these tanks offer all the features you’d expect and more from a quality engineered fuel storage and dispensing solution.

    Harlequin Water Storage & Management

    Harlequin’s range of water storage tanks are precision manufactured and include above and below ground options in a full range of sizes. You can also find potable water tanks by Harlequin which are required for the safe storage of drinking water. In addition to storing water, Harlequin rainwater harvesting systems enable efficient collection of rain falling on your property to be used in the garden or for other applications.

    When it comes to treatment, Harlequin waste water solutions offer industry leading performance and are designed to treat waste from domestic use prior to discharge, offering extremely high levels of contaminant removal as well as being easy to install and maintain.

    More About Harlequin Plastics

    Headquartered in Northern Ireland, Harlequin was initially a family-run business before expanding to become one of the top suppliers of polyethylene storage tanks and systems to the European and British markets, and now exports around the globe.

    Harlequin places a strong emphasis on innovation, and the company continues to develop market leading solutions in designing, manufacturing and supplying storage tanks to the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors. Based at an ultramodern facility, Harlequin tanks are developed to meet and exceed stringent EU and UK government requirements.

    All Harlequin oil tanks meet the EU manufacturing standard EN13341, which is now a legal requirement across the UK. Harlequin fuel tanks are designed for storage of environmentally hazardous substances for extended periods of time, and are all engineered to prevent leakage and spillage.

    Whether you require fuel storage, water management solutions or anything else from the Harlequin Plastics range, you can find it here at Northern Tank Store. With over 50 years experience in the sector, our team can help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Get in touch for advice or information, where our experts will be happy to assist you.


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