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    GoldenRod Filters

    GoldenRod filters are recognised for their quality around the globe, and are used in most industrial sectors. Suitable for most fuels, including Diesel, Petrol, Bio-Diesel & Kerosene their range of Fuel tank filters are amongst the best in the world, this is why we are proud to offer them at very fair prices here at Northern Tank Store.

    GoldenRod Filters

    GoldenRod Filters: Backed By A History of Excellence & Innovation

    GoldenRod Filters, a product of the Dutton-Lainson Company, is a renowned name in the field of fuel filtration. The Dutton-Lainson Company, established in 1886, has a long-standing tradition of manufacturing high-quality, durable products. Their GoldenRod Filters have become an industry standard when it comes to fuel storage and management solutions.

     The GoldenRod range is particularly known for its fuel filters, which are designed to protect engines and other machinery from harmful debris and particles. These filters are lauded for their efficiency and effectiveness, offering superior protection for your fuel systems. They have been designed to remove microscopic particles and water from fuel, ensuring cleaner operation and longer life for your machinery and equipment.

    GoldenRod offers various filter models to cater to a wide array of needs. They have options for different fuel types, flow rates, and micron ratings, allowing you to choose the filter that best fits your specific application. You can also find GoldenRod Filter Elements to keep your system well maintained and performing at its best.

    Key Features of GoldenRod Filters

    • Effective Filtration: GoldenRod Filters are designed to trap fine particles and water, delivering clean fuel and protecting your machinery from potential damage.

    • Versatility: The brand offers a variety of filter models to cater to different fuel types and flow rates, ensuring you find a filter that suits your specific needs.

    • Quality Construction: GoldenRod Filters are made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-term use.

    • Easy to Clean and Replace: These filters are designed for easy cleaning and replacement, reducing downtime during maintenance.

    • High Capacity: GoldenRod Filters are known for their high particle and water retention capacities, ensuring efficient operation even in high-demand scenarios.

    • Reliable Performance: With GoldenRod Filters, users can trust in a consistent, reliable performance that ensures clean fuel and well-protected machinery.

    With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, GoldenRod Filters by Dutton-Lainson stands as a trusted choice for reliable fuel filtration. Investing in GoldenRod Filters means choosing a product with a heritage of quality and reliability, designed to protect your fuel systems and extend the life of your machinery.


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