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    fuel tank buyers' guide

    Fuel tanks are safe containers that allow for bulk storage of several liquids, including kerosene, heating oil, diesel and biodiesel. These highly practical and versatile storage containers are essential for any business or individual handling or dealing with fuel, including commercial, agricultural and industrial use, as well as homeowners needing to store heating oil on their property.

    Good quality fuel tanks prevent spillage and leakage while ensuring the safety of everyone. In this guide, we’ll look in more detail at the different types of fuel tanks available and the features and benefits that each provides.

    Which Types Of Fuel Tanks Are Available?

    There are numerous types of fuel tanks in the market today and what you buy varies depending on what fuel you want to store. For example, if you want to store domestic heating oil, a plastic bunded oil tank is a great choice, while for commercial  diesel storage, steel fuel tanks are often the preferred option.

    When it comes to storing AdBlue, manufactured polyethylene tanks that are bunded are an excellent option, while drums and bowsers are suitable for storing and transporting fuel between locations.

    Above & Below Ground Tanks

    If you want tanks that are easier to maintain and access, you’re better off purchasing above-ground to store your fuel. Alternatively, if you have limited space and want to keep your fuel safe from vandals and theft, underground tanks are a great choice. They’re less likely to suffer damage because they’re buried 5 to 6 ft. below the ground. This guarantees they don’t come into contact with people or animals, and offers extra protection from adverse weather conditions.

    Storage For Different Fuel Types

    Different fuels also have different properties that affect their storage, making it crucial to pick the right fuel tank for the specific fuel. For example, some liquids such as AdBlue can corrode with metal (steel), leading to contamination of the liquid that’s stored. Such liquids have to be stored in plastic containers and not metal.

    Single Skin & Bunded Tanks

    It’s also important to note that fuel tanks can be single-skinned or bunded. Single skin tanks generally have one layer that holds the oil within, and they’re used to store fuel that’s not hazardous. Bunded oil tanks have two layers whereby the first layer holds the fuel while the second layer encloses the first one. This added protective layer reduces the risk of spillage if the first tank gets damaged and is one of the main advantages of a bunded tank. Single skin tanks are cheaper and easier to install and maintain, while bunded tanks tend to be a little pricier, but offer extra protection against spillage and theft, and are legally required in some circumstances.

    Fuel Storage Capacity

    You can buy different-sized fuel tanks to store liquids of varying capacities from 60 and 95 litres up to 150,000 litres and more, depending on the amount of fuel you want to store. Whether you need a small tank to store fuel for domestic use, or a large tank to store huge volumes of oil for industrial use, you’re sure to find the right sized fuel tank for your storage needs.

    Oil Tanks

    Oil tanks are practical storage solutions for storing different types of oil, from waste and lube oil to heating oil. What you choose varies depending on your storage needs, budget and usage requirements. Some of the common oil tanks available for purchase include:

    Heating Oil Tanks

    Heating oil tanks can be single-skin or bunded, and they’re suitable for storing and dispensing a wide range of fuels from diesel to kerosene and oil. The single-skin and bunded heating oil tanks are available in steel and plastic, and options include slimline and low profile models.

    Single skin oil tanks are the simplest and cheapest form of heating oil storage, with only one layer for securing your oil. They’re ideal for less hazardous heating oils and for domestic use. If you’re storing hazardous fuel, you may want to invest in a bunded heating oil tank. These come with a double layer to offer additional protection against leaks and also added security.

    Slimline oil tanks are suitable for you if you’re storing a large quantity of oil or are in an environmentally sensitive environment. Similarly, low-profile heating oil tanks are ideal for efficiently storing heating kerosene, oil and diesel where space is at a premium, and they come in various sizes, capacities and types.

    You can also opt for fire-rated heating oil tanks to comply with fuel storage building regulations. The fire-rated heating oil tanks function like conventional ones, but they’re equipped with an additional safety feature that acts as a fire barrier. This barrier can resist fire, creating a practical and safe solution for businesses and homeowners.

    Waste Oil Tanks

    Waste oil tanks are suitable for storing waste oil until collection can be arranged. They’re available in both steel and plastic containers. Plastic waste oil tanks require less maintenance and are not vulnerable to rust and failure like steel waste oil tanks. However, steel tanks are more secure since they’re heavier and more durable. This prevents thieves from easily drilling into them to siphon fuel.Although plastic waste oil containers are not as robust as steel tanks, they’re still very durable. They’re constructed with high-quality material that’s hardwearing, giving you an extra thick and stable tank to store your waste oil. You can purchase both steel and plastic waste oil tanks in bunded forms to get an extra layer of protection for your fuel.

    Lube Oil Tanks

    Lube oil tanks are suitable for storing and dispensing various lubrication oils of different viscosities, including turbine oil, machine oil, engine oil, gear oil and spindle oil. These tanks are available in plastic and are bunded to prevent fuel spillage or leakage. Lube oil tanks come fitted with quality dispensing equipment designed to suit any site and usage requirements. You can buy lube oil tanks to store and dispense varying capacities of lubrication oil, from 1350 litres up to 10,000 litres.

    Petrol Tanks

    Petrol tanks are specially designed for the storage of petrol. They come in different sizes, capacities and types, depending on your site and usage requirements. Some of the common types of petrol tanks available for purchase include:

    Single Skin & Bunded Tanks

    Static petrol tanks are suitable for any on-site fuel storage requirement. They’re equipped with various features such as double layers (bunded) to maximise safety for everyone and to reduce the risk of theft. Static petrol tanks save your business time, money and unnecessary effort by allowing you to store hazardous fuel on-site. This eliminates the need to travel elsewhere to refuel, ensuring your business continues running smoothly.

    Static petrol tanks are available in steel, a highly durable metal that prevents theft and secures your petrol. These steel tanks are exceptionally strong, weather-resistant, hardwearing and safe, guaranteeing they can last you the long haul. Static petrol tanks are an excellent choice for business owners looking for better quality control and fewer maintenance costs in terms of vehicle repairs.

    Portable Petrol Tanks

    Portable petrol tanks are specifically designed to carry extra fuel for use in case you run out on-site. They’re approved for transport under ADR, guaranteeing you can carry petrol safely and securely. With portable petrol tanks, you can refuel petrol-powered machinery such as lawnmowers and chainsaws on-site, saving time and money.

    Portable petrol tanks are available in plastic, and they’re easy to move around. They can be a great backup fuel source if your main fuel tank gets damaged or runs out of petrol. These tanks come in various capacities, from 53 litres up to 330 litres, ensuring you can carry a sufficient amount of petrol for refuelling.

    Diesel Tanks

    Diesel tanks are ideal for the storage of diesel. They come in different sizes, shapes, types and capacities, each with various features to meet your usage and site requirements. Some of the common types of diesel tanks available for storage include:

    Diesel Dispensing Tanks

    Diesel dispensing tanks are built for commercial or agricultural applications where fuel transport or delivery to a refuelling station is not economically viable or practical. This includes hard-to-reach regions and areas that may be difficult or impossible to access.

    Available in both heavy-duty steel and reliable plastic construction, diesel dispensing tanks are equipped with high-quality pumps and automatic nozzles that make it easier to transfer diesel to your diesel-powered machines. These pumps and nozzles guarantee trouble-free refuelling. Diesel dispensing tanks also come with a range of added safety features to ensure fuel doesn’t leak or spill at the point of refuelling equipment or vehicles.

    Diesel dispensing containers are also available for those looking for cheaper, small-scale dispensing solutions for refuelling their machinery and vehicles.

    Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

    Diesel fuel storage tanks are highly effective for storing fuel on-site, especially when you need to store a significant volume of diesel. These tanks are available in both plastic and steel, and they’re specifically manufactured to secure diesel storage over extended periods. They come with various features including bunded options to prevent leakage, spillage or damage when in use.With diesel fuel storage tanks, you can prioritise durability to store hazardous and flammable diesel on-site safety. Whatever tank capacity you need, you’re sure to find a diesel fuel storage tank to meet your requirements.

    Generator Fuel Tanks

    Generator fuel tanks are built to keep your generator running by supplying it with fuel. They provide reliable durability and store fuel in sufficient quantities to prevent disruptions to your operations. If you carry out your construction or commercial project at a location without ready access to electricity, a generator and a generator fuel tank are essential.

    These tanks are available in static and transportable options as well as with integrated generator stores. Static generator fuel tanks eliminate the need for travelling to refuel, allowing you to supply fuel to your generator on-site. This saves you valuable time and money. On the other hand, transport generator fuel tanks are suitable for people that move to and from different sites regularly, ensuring you can transport your generator fuel safely and securely between locations.

    Generator fuel tanks are manufactured to the highest standards to prevent various issues such as fuel leakage and spillage. This maximises your fuel usage and minimises your costs.

    AdBlue Tanks

    AdBlue Tanks are specially manufactured for the storage of AdBlue. They come in different sizes and capabilities to suit all site and usage requirements. If you rely on AdBlue to keep your equipment or fleet operational, consider buying AdBlue storage and dispensing tanks to meet your needs. Some of the common types of AdBlue tanks available for purchase include:

    Static AdBlue Tanks

    Static AdBlue tanks are engineered to provide affordable, secure and safe storage solutions for AdBlue. These tanks eliminate the need to travel anywhere to refuel by storing fuel on-site. This ensures easy access to fuel when you run out, saving your business time and money.

    Static AdBlue tanks are available in different sizes, from smaller 200-litre containers to large 15,000-litre tanks to suit your capacity needs. They also come in different materials and types, including high-quality plastic to single skin and bunded tanks.

    Portable AdBlue Tanks

    Portable AdBlue tanks are specially designed for transporting and carrying fuel to and from sites. These tanks are manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure your AdBlue fluid remains safe and secure during transportation. The tanks are easy to move and come with various features such as handles and forklifts for hassle-free transportation.Portable AdBlue tanks also come complete with all the features you need to transport and dispense fuel, including nozzle, dispensing hose and lockable lids. If you want to refuel your Adblue powered-machines with ease on-site, consider purchasing portable AdBlue tanks.

    Tailored & Bespoke Fuel Tanks

    When it comes to choosing the most suitable fuel tank for your needs, in some cases a preferred option may be to commission a bespoke tank. At Northern Tank Store we have significant manufacturing expertise and an in-house design team available to work with, to create the fuel tank for your operations.

    Whether you need additional features, want to specify a certain capacity or dimensions, or have specific requirements for your site, you can have a high quality fuel tank manufactured to meet your exact needs. For more information about our bespoke fuel tanks, or any of the other tanks we sell, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.

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