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    NTS ClearFlow De-Silter 5000 Lamella Water Settlement Tank

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    Availability Built to Order

    All steel construction to maximum strength.

    Dimensions: 2320L x 2320W x 2015H

    Empty Weight: 1196Kg

    Flanged inlet / outlet connections.

    Fully Stackable two high for yard storage. 

    Four grounding plates prevent sinking.

    Low level drain point.

    Water testing points on outlet pipes.

    Hinged door for ease of cleaning / emptying hoper.

    All internal cover plate fully removable for ease of cleaning.

    Manufacturer Code DESILT5000
    Flange Size
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    9000 Litre NTS Water Settlement Tank
    Price 4,958.57 5,950.28 inc VAT

    Water settlement tanks are used to remove the silt contaminants from water being pumped from ground holes, allowing unwanted waste water to be discharged in accordance with environmental agency guidelines PPG1.

    Inlet ports: 1 x 4” & 1 x 6” female bauer connector

    Outlet: 2 x 6” male bauer connector

    Drain points: 3 x 3"

    Four point lifting (empty only).

    Fork lift pockets

    NTS ClearFlow Lamella Settlement Tank - LC10
    Price 7,362.00 8,834.40 inc VAT

    The NTS ClearFlow Lamella Settlement tanks have been specifically designed to provide highly efficient separation of suspended solid particles for continuous pumping applications. Contaminated water is pumped into the holding chamber via the flanged inlet connection, this is then directed upwards towards the lamella module where all solids are deflected under gravity to the sediment collection chamber where it can be periodically removed via the drain port at the base of the hopper without the need to take the unit offline.

    The LC10 is a simple but effective way of ensuring compliancy with authorities like the Environment Agency and Water Board.

    Key Features

    • Manufactured from steel for maximum strength & durability
    • Flanged inlet / outlet connections (Bauer connections available on request)
    • Fork lift pockets for easy loading and positioning
    • Low level drain point
    • Sloping bottom of ease of emptying
    • Sediment level sight glass
    • Easily removable lamella module for cleaning

    Benefits of the NTS ClearFlow Lamella Tanks

    • Modular design allows multiple units to be connected together
    • Unlimited processing time with no requirement to completely washout during use
    • Very fast and easy set up
    • No power requirements on standard unit
    • Ensures compliancy with Environmental agency guidelines & standards

    Optional equipment (Price on request)

    • Full range of Bauer couplings
    • Low level inlet pipe extension
    • Access ladder
    • Lockable hinged safety cover & walkway
    • Peristaltic discharge pump

    The LC10 has been designed by us and manufactured by us, allowing us to build bespoke products to suit your application.

    Price 5,792.10 6,950.52 inc VAT

    The Clear Flow De Silter Box is specifically designed to provide effective separation of suspended solids (silt) from water being pumped from ground sources such as construction sites, rivers, bore holes etc.

    Pumped water passes through the De Silter via a Lamella plate box which separates the solids contained within the water allowing them to drop into the discharge chamber below which can be easily emptied at ground level without the need to take the unit offline like conventional settlement tanks. Making them more suitable for applications where continual operation is required.

    The Lamella plate box also helps to separate oily residue from the silt forcing it to float on the top of the contained water and can easily be removed by adding a skimmer pillow or similar absorbing mat. The Lamella box is easily removed and cleaned if required.

    Four low level lash down points for ease of strapping whilst in transit.

    Available with 4” – 6” or 8” flanged connection. NP16 Flange Type.

    Four low level lifting points allowing easy positioning.

    Full length fork lift pockets for easy positioning / loading.



    Product Specification
    Capacity: 5000
    Material: Steel

    NTS ClearFlow De-Silter 5000 Lamella Water Settlement Tank

    NTS ClearFlow De-Silter 5000 Lamella Water Settlement Tank
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