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    980 Litre CEMO DT Mobile Easy Basic ADR Diesel Dispenser

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    Plastic Diesel Dispensing Bowser

    Approved for Transport Under ADR

    4 Metre Delivery Hose & Automatic Nozzle

    Various Pump Options (See Description)

    Integral Fork Pockets & Lashing Loops

    Capacity: 980 Litres

    Dimensions: 1,270L x 1,070W x 1,120H

    Weight: 107Kg

    Manufacturer Code 10826
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    EnviroSpill Oil Spill Kit
    Price 12.50 15.00 inc VAT

    This Oil Spill Kit contains all you need to simply and quickly deal with an oil spill in a portable and easy to access clip close carrier. Designed to absorb all hydrocarbon based oils, fuels, lubricants and petroleum based liquids, this emergency spill kit is a must have for wherever fuel or oil is stored, delivered or handled. Versions are available to clean up 10litres, 20litres and 40litres depending upon the individual requirements.

    This Oil Spill Kit includes oil spill socks for containing the spill and stopping it spreading. These booms have a very flexible outer skin to ensure each have a high fluid absorbency of 7.5litres and high spill retention by moulding to the surface they are laid on. It also includes oil spill pads for absorbing the remaining fluid, each with a capacity of 1.1litres.

    Due to their hydrophobic nature, the spill absorbents do not soak up water making them ideal for applications where water and oils must be separated. The spill pads remain buoyant in water, even when fully saturated, allowing them to absorb oil off the top.

    190 Litre ADR Petrol Dispenser CEMO KS-Mobile Easy - 230v
    Price 1,723.00 2,067.60 inc VAT

    The Cemo KS-Mobile Easy 190 with 230v Electric pump is the ideal solution to your petrol dispensing requirements. Manufactured from High Density Electrically conductive highly cross-linked polyethylene, this Transportable Petrol tank is approved for transport under ADR.

    The 10458 CEMO KS-Mobile Easy 190 Comes complete with the following -

    Patented Ex0 flame suppressive filling

    Dipstick for checking fuel level

    Integral Nozzle Holder

    Integral Vent and Pressure relief valve

    Integral Fork Lift Pockets

    Integrated Handles

    Recesses for ratchet straps during transport

    40 Litre per minute 230v transfer pump (without cable)

    4 Metre statically conductive delivery hose

    ATEX Automatic Shut off Nozzle

    Samoa Control Master Inline Digital Fuel Flow Meter
    Price 160.00 192.00 inc VAT

    The SAMOA Digital line meter is a robust, digital flow meter provided with metering chamber with turbine system, electronic display, reset button, partial metering function (99.999 litre), resettable totaliser (999,999) & calibration function.

    Maximum working pressure: 10 bar

    Bursting Pressure: 40 bar

    Flow range: 5 to 120 litre/min

    Precision after calibration: +/- 1%

    Working temperature range: -10 - +50 °C

    Pressure Drop: 0.30 bar @ 100lpm

    Fluid Viscocity range: 2-5.35 cSt

    IP65 Protection

    Price 1,760.00 2,112.00 inc VAT

    The CEMO DT-Mobile Easy Basic 980L with Electric pump is the ideal solution to your diesel dispensing requirements. Manufactured from High Quality polyethylene, this Transportable Diesel tank is approved for transport under ADR.

    The CEMO DT-Mobile Easy Basic 980 Comes complete with the following -

    Integral Nozzle Holder

    Filler cap with vent & breather valves

    Integral Fork Lift Pockets

    Integral Loops for securing during transport

    Integral Baffle

    Crane Eyes Fitted

    Hinged Flap Lid

    4 Metre Delivery Hose

    Automatic Shut Off Nozzle

    Pump Options - 

    12v Bi-Pump - 85L/min

    24v/12v Cematic Duo - 70L/min (24v) / 35L/min (12v)

    230v Cematic 72 - 72L/min

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 980
    Material: Plastic
    Tank Type: Single Skin

    980 Litre CEMO DT Mobile Easy Basic ADR Diesel Dispenser

    980 Litre CEMO DT Mobile Easy Basic ADR Diesel Dispenser
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