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    1500 Litre CEMO CUBE-Tank Outdoor Diesel Dispensing Tank

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    Availability 3-5 Days

    Plastic Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank

    230v 56lpm Diesel Pump

    8 Metre Delivery Hose

    Automatic Shut off Nozzle with Holder

    K33 Mechanical Flow Meter

    Water & Particle Filter

    Dimensions: 1,200L x 1,150W x 1,800H

    Capacity: 1,500 Litres

    Weight: 200Kg

    Manufacturer Code 10298
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    Oil Spill Kit
    Price 11.20 13.44 inc VAT

    This Oil Spill Kit contains all you need to simply and quickly deal with an oil spill in a portable and easy to access clip close carrier. Designed to absorb all hydrocarbon based oils, fuels, lubricants and petroleum based liquids, this emergency spill kit is a must have for wherever fuel or oil is stored, delivered or handled. Versions are available to clean up 10litres, 20litres and 40litres depending upon the individual requirements.

    This Oil Spill Kit includes oil spill socks for containing the spill and stopping it spreading. These booms have a very flexible outer skin to ensure each have a high fluid absorbency of 7.5litres and high spill retention by moulding to the surface they are laid on. It also includes oil spill pads for absorbing the remaining fluid, each with a capacity of 1.1litres.

    Due to their hydrophobic nature, the spill absorbents do not soak up water making them ideal for applications where water and oils must be separated. The spill pads remain buoyant in water, even when fully saturated, allowing them to absorb oil off the top.

    210 Litre CEMO DT Mobile Easy Pick-Up ADR Diesel Dispenser
    Price 553.00 663.60 inc VAT

    The CEMO DT-Mobile Easy 210L Pick-Up is the ideal solution to your On Site diesel dispensing requirements. Manufactured from High Quality polyethylene, this Transportable Diesel tank is approved for transport under ADR. With a height of 45cm, this CEMO Bowser is designed to be the perfect solution for transport via Pick-up truck.

    The CEMO DT-Mobile Easy 210 Pick-up Comes complete with the following -

    Integral Nozzle Holder

    Filler Cap with vent & Breather valve

    Integral Fork Lift Pockets

    Recesses for tie donw straps during transport

    Optional Hinged Lid

    30 Litre per minute 12v transfer pump with 4 metre cable (11248 & 11250 only)

    30 Litre per minute 12v transfer pump with LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery (11253 only)

    4 Metre delivery hose

    Automatic Shut off Nozzle

    1135 Litre Self-Emptying Clear Flow Interceptor Drip Tray
    Price 1,735.00 2,082.00 inc VAT

    What is a Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray

    The  Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is a self-emptying drip tray which incorporates a unique patented filter system that allows trapped water to free flow to ground (eliminating the risk of overflowing during prolonged rainfall) whilst containing any contaminant that has been caught within the tray.

    What does the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray do

    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray provides temporary or permanent storage for items such as Generators and when placed beneath a pump or generator any drips, leaks or spills which may occur are held within the Tray preventing contamination of the surrounding area.

    Conventional drip trays will over time fill with rain water eventually overflowing allowing any contaminated water to flow to the ground around it.

    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray eliminates the risk of overflowing that is seen when using a conventional drip tray by allowing the trapped water only to free flow to ground.

    How does it work?

    The basic principle behind the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is that oil floats on water meaning that when the water level in the tray raises any oils caught in the tray will remain on its surface, excess water is allowed to draining through the patented filter system that ensures full removal of all traces of oil that may still be present in the water. The long life filters will hold up to 7.5 litres. Easy removal of the filter basket allows filter replacement to be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.


    The Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is manufactured from steel plate to BS EN 10025-2:2004 S275JR and is fully seam welded forming a liquid tight bund. The trays are fitted with removable galvanised support beams that hold any items placed on top above any water trapped within the tray and also allow access to the bund for cleaning etc. Integral lifting points are fitted for ease of lifting and siting of the trays. Base plinths reducing the risk of damage when in contact with the ground.


    The use of drip trays is now a legal requirement under the control of pollution regulations.

    Oil Pollution Prevention Guidelines (England & Wales) 2002 PPG2


    The unique design of the Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray provides you with a fully compliant way of meeting the needs of these regulations with a single unit.

    Sizes available

    The  Clearflow Interceptor Drip Tray is available in various standard sizes ,can be placed together to form a larger area if required or can be bespoke built to match your exact requirements.

    Price 2,438.00 2,925.60 inc VAT

    The 1,500 Litre Premium CEMO Diesel Cube is a plastic diesel dispensing tank suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Fitted with a 230v 56lpm pump kit, K33 Flow meter & Water separator, the 1,500 litre Premium CEMO CUBE-Tank is an ideal solution to most dispensing requirements.

    The 10298 CEMO CUBE-Tank Premium come complete with -

    230v 56L/min Transfer Pump

    8 Metre Automatic Hose Reel

    Automatic Shut off nozzle with Holder

    K33 Flow Meter

    Water / Particle Filter

    Tank Vent

    Tanker Fill Point Coupling

    Tank Contents Gauge (Analogue)

    Electronic Overfill Sensor

    Visual Bund Alarm

    Hinged lid

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 1500
    Material: Plastic
    Tank Type: Bunded

    1500 Litre CEMO CUBE-Tank Outdoor Diesel Dispensing Tank

    1500 Litre CEMO CUBE-Tank Outdoor Diesel Dispensing Tank
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