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    Bespoke Diesel Tanks
    Bespoke Diesel Tanks

    Designed to hold large quantities of fuel oil for extended periods of time - and in all weather conditions - a good fuel tank will prioritise durability, capacity, and security. At Northern Tank Store you can find a comprehensive range of high quality fuel tanks and all the accessories you need for commercial, domestic and agricultural applications. And with our in-house design and manufacturing facilities, we can also supply rapid bespoke builds to meet your precise individual requirements.

    AdBlue split tank

    This is a fuel tank manufactured for one of our customers in the transport industry. It was fitted with Alpha fuel management systems for full management of both the AdBlue and Diesel compartments, giving the customer full control over the fuel being dispensed.

    Split compartment tanks are ideal for fuel storage and dispensing where there is restrictions on space available.

    10,000 Litre fuel tank

    This TEB diesel tank has been fitted with a full size dispensing cabinet, with a duplex pump system fitted for feeding a generator, and a separate dispensing pump and hose reel for refilling machinery.

    There is also a high capacity fuel conditioning system fitted to ensure the tank contents is kept as clean as possible at all times.

    80,000 litre heated tank for waste oils/fats

    This tank was designed for storing large amounts of waste food oils and fats, to later be converted into fuels like HVO. It was fitted internal pipes to be connected to a heat pump, to ensure the contents wouldn't solidify at the bottom. An access platform and internal ladders were specified so the customer would be able to safely enter the tank when empty and clean the inside of the tank. Insulation would have been provided in-between the bund and inner tank, to further aid in keeping a constant temperature all year round.

    Wax Tank

    This is a 1000 litre tank which was designed for a customer to transport wax. Thanks to it's insulation and integrated heater, it was also able to keep the wax at an optimum temperature while on site, stopping it from solidifying.

    It was built to the same standards as our Fuel bank range of diesel bowsers so was well suited for it's application.

    Quote for a Bespoke Diesel Tank
    Quote for a Bespoke Diesel Tank
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