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    Tank Installers Pump Kit

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    Availability 2-3 Days

    Pump Kit for Transfering fuel from one tank to another

    Various Voltage & Flow Rate options

    1 x 10m x 1" Delivery Hose c/w Cam couplings

    1 x 5m x 1" Suction Hose c/w Cam couplings & Strainer

    Comes with Dust Plugs & Caps for cam couplings

    12v, 110v or 230v

    3 Year Warranty on pump

    Manufacturer Code TIK-1235
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    This Oil Spill Kit includes oil spill socks for containing the spill and stopping it spreading. These booms have a very flexible outer skin to ensure each have a high fluid absorbency of 7.5litres and high spill retention by moulding to the surface they are laid on. It also includes oil spill pads for absorbing the remaining fluid, each with a capacity of 1.1litres.

    Due to their hydrophobic nature, the spill absorbents do not soak up water making them ideal for applications where water and oils must be separated. The spill pads remain buoyant in water, even when fully saturated, allowing them to absorb oil off the top.

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    Most commonly used to secure domestic oil tanks, this heating oil tank lock has a padlock-free design, and has no torque points for crow bar entry. A 2" Spinsecure Tank lock adaptor is available, which allows the lockable oil tank cap to be used on female threaded pipes.

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    Backed by a 3 year guarantee.

    Price 264.00 316.80 inc VAT

    Designed by Atkinson Equipment, this tank installers transfer kit is designed as for transferring fuel from one tank to the other. With various pump options available this can be tailored to suit your application.

    Specification - 

    FMT Pump (Voltage of choice) x 1

    10mtr 1″ hose fitted with cam couplings and a y-strainer (filter) x 1

    Dust plugs for hoses x 2

    5m 1” Hose fitted with cam couplings x 1

    Dust caps for hoses x 2

    Options - 

    TIK-1235 - Tank Installers Kit w/ 12v, 35lpm Pump

    TIK-1260 - Tank Installers Kit w/ 12v, 60lpm Pump

    TIK-1110 - Tank Installers Kit w/ 110v, 60lpm Pump

    TIK-1000 - Tank Installers Kit w/ 230v, 60lpm Pump

    TIK-1100 - Tank Installers Kit w/ 230v, 100lpm Pump

    Product Specification
    Flow Rate: 35
    Options Spec
    Flow Rate: 60

    Tank Installers Pump Kit

    Tank Installers Pump Kit
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