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    AdBlue Nozzles & Filters

    We supply a comprehensive range of AdBlue nozzles and filters that are designed to accurately measure AdBlue and reduce the risk of spillage. Our range includes manual and automatic nozzles from leading brands such as Piusi Suzzara and ZVA. These are designed to work with our AdBlue tank range and can be optimised to suit your fleet.

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    Premium AdBlue Gravity Hose Kit

    Premium AdBlue Gravity Hose Kit

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    The Premium AdBlue™ Gravity Hose Kit is a high quality, ready-made solution for the dispensing of AdBlue™ from a bottom outlet, gravity fed installation. Gravity hose kits are a cost effective solution for dispensing AdBlue™ (otherwise known as DEF) from an IBC rather than installing an AdBlue pump system. This is a popular solution for, but not limited to, the agricultural market.

    This model of AdBlue™ gravity hose kit is made up of the long life Piusi AdBlue™ delivery hose swaged onto ring clamps for durability, the Suzzara Blue manual nozzle, a 60 x 6 IBC bottom adaptor and cam fitting to enable the quick connection and disconnection of the kit from the IBC. It available in a number of lengths from 3m to 7m, to cater for how high off the ground the IBC in question is. You should not order a kit much longer than what is necessary for the height of the system, as any additional hose beyond this point may reduce the flow rate you could be achieving.

    AdBlue Nozzles & Filters

    What Type Of AdBlue Nozzle Do I Need?

    Along with a suitable AdBlue tank, the nozzle is one of the most important components of an AdBlue system. Nozzles can help to prevent spillage and some are fitted with magnetic safety systems designed to prevent AdBlue from mistakenly being added to the fuel tank.

    The miss-filling of AdBlue is a common issue with on-site AdBlue storage and it can be an expensive mistake to rectify. This simple mistake will result in the vehicle being out of action for several days as the fuel system is drained and filters replaced. The problem can be solved by fitting magnetic nozzles to the pump. These work with an adapter fitted to the AdBlue tank on the vehicle. The nozzle will only allow AdBlue to pass if the magnetic valve has been opened by the tank adapter.

    Why Do I Need An AdBlue Filter?

    The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in your vehicle is sensitive to chemical impurities. Catalysts and AdBlue dosage pumps can be irreversibly damaged by contaminated AdBlue. And replacement costs can run to several thousand pounds.

    Installing a low-cost filter to the AdBlue suction line helps to remove debris and reduces the risk of contaminated AdBlue from being transferred to the vehicle. This reduces the risk of damaged SCR systems and improves fleet reliability.

    We stock a large range of heavy-duty fluid filters suitable for AdBlue tank installations. Both inline and Y-Line strainers are available, which can be retrofitted into your AdBlue suction line.

    AdBlue Nozzles & Filters From Northern Tank Store

    Northern Tank Store is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of AdBlue equipment including nozzles, filters and AdBlue transfer pumps.

    We stock a comprehensive range of fuel storage, fuel management and dispensing equipment from leading brands including all the accessories you need that are fully compatible with our AdBlue tanks. So if you are looking to upgrade your on-site AdBlue storage, get in touch with our expert team to discuss the options available.

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