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    53 Litre CEMO Portable Petrol Trolley

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    UN Approved for Fuel Transport

    HDPE Construction with baffle

    7.5lpm Dispensing Nozzle Pump c/w 3m hose

    Wheels & Handles for manoeuvrability

    2 x Valves for disconnecting hose problem free

    Integrated recesses for ratchet straps

    Dimensions: 870L x 420W x 330H

    Weight: 9kg

    Manufacturer Code 10047
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    This UN Approved Petrol Trolley from CEMO is an economical solution to on-site refuelling of petrol powered machinery. Fitted with 2 wheels & a handle, this portable petrol tank is ideal for getting fuel to places which would be hard to reach with more traditional methods.

    The CEMO 10047 - 53 Litre petrol trolley comes complete with the follwing - 

    Dispensing nozzle pump (7.5 litres per minute)

    3 Metre dispensing hose

    Hose holder

    2 x Shut off valves for hose connection


    Wheels & Handle

    Inbuilt recesses for ratchet straps

    Optional Explosion-supressing insert

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 53
    Material: Plastic
    Tank Type: Single Skin

    53 Litre CEMO Portable Petrol Trolley

    53 Litre CEMO Portable Petrol Trolley
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