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    3000 Litre Bunded Fuel Station

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    Bunded Steel Fuel Dispensing Tank

    230v 56lpm Pump Kit

    4 Metre Hose & Manual Nozzle

    Secure Lockable cabinet

    Various upgrades available to suit your requirements

    Dimensions: 2,350L x 1,160W x H

    Capacity: 3,000 Litres

    Weight: Kg

    Manufacturer Code DLCC3000
    Contents Gauge
    Pump Voltage
    Hose Length
    Dispensing Nozzle
    Flow Meter
    Fuel Filter
    You May Also Need
    CTS Multi-Compartment Tank Alarm (230v)
    Price 192.01 230.41 inc VAT

    The CTS Mains Operated Multi-Compartment Fuel Tank Alarm system has three functions; to detect and warn of a tank overfill, a high/low liquid level and a bund leak. If this fuel tank alarm identifies any of these issues, the zone in question will light up on the alarm’s screen, combined with an alarm sounder and flashing orange strobe, which provides the user with a clear warning of the activated tank state. Each zone can be configured in any of the three functions High, Low or Bund, enabling the complete customisation of these fuel tank alarms based upon the user's requirements with a very simple set of electrical jumpers. 

    Options are available complete with three relays, to allow external equipment to be connected to each zone of the tank level alarm such as building management system for remote monitoring. This level and bund alarm also has the additional feature of controlling the pump from the relays (if fitted). When the fuel storage tank contents are 'low', the pump switches on and stays on until 'high' is reached. 

    If you require a tank level alarm for something other than diesel or light oil, we also supply a water and chemical alarm probe, and a high viscosity oil tank level probe – which is also suitable for AdBlue as well as high viscosity oils.

    Husky Reconnectable Safe-T-Break
    Price 93.50 112.20 inc VAT

    The Husky Safe-T-Break® couplings are designed to disconnect the refuelling system, so that the hose breaks off from the pump in the event where a vehicle drives off with the nozzle still attached to the fill point.

    These Safe-T-Breaks® stop the whole pump system being pulled away from the installation, therefore preventing fuel from spilling out onto the forecourt. This type of Husky breakaway coupling is re-usable, and can therefore help to prevent damage and fuel spillages again and again. Watch this video on how to reconnect the coupling. 

    The standard models of the Safe-T-Break® couplings are designed for use with diesel, with a 1" ATEX approved version available for petrol.

    Professional Automatic Nozzle
    Price 114.85 137.82 inc VAT

    The Professional Automatic Diesel Nozzle is designed for the non-resale refuelling of cars and commercial vehicles thanks to its small spout diameter. As an automatic fuel pump nozzle, the Professional will shut off when the vehicle tank is at capacity, which prevents an overflow scenario from being possible and therefore allows for the safe use of the integrated stay open latch. This fuel nozzle, which has a maximum flow rate of 80 litres per minute, is available in two versions; a version for diesel only and a version that is able to handle biodiesel up to B100.

    Please note: Due to the thicker nature of the fluid, the B100 refuelling nozzle does not have a trigger latch for safety purposes.

    Not suitable for gravity fed applications.

    Price 2,818.12 3,381.74 inc VAT

    Turners Fabrications range of DLCC Steel Dispensing Tanks are dual purpose, all steel tanks that has been designed specifically for domestic and light commercial use. The DLCC Range comes equiped with a Cabinet, 230v 56 Litre per minute pump kit & 4 Metre hose and nozzle.

    This range of Bunded Dispensing Taks are manufactured in 3 parts, this is to enable easy dismantling and reassembly on site, allowing installation in the hardest to get to places.

    Turner's DLCC range of tanks can be supplied with steel base supports to eliminate direct contact with the ground. Steel section supports are available to run length or width ways to allow them to be positioned to match existing tank bases.

    These Diesel Fuel Dispensing Tanks can also be supplied with a range of steel tank stands for use when tanks are required for gravity feed applications.

    The tanks have a dual purpose fill/vent which can be used to view the tank’s contents. The inner tank vents directly to the tank bund, and then to the atmosphere, removing the risk of spills occurring when filling the tank. Theys come fitted with a 1” base feed & lockable gate valve, a further 1½” and 2” socket is provided allowing additional items such as gauges & alarms to be fitted.

    Included with these Steel Dispensers is - 

    230v 56lpm Transfer Pump (upgrades available)

    4 Metre Delivery hose (Upgraded available)

    Manaul Shut off nozzle (Optional Auto Nozzle)

    1" Bottom Outlet

    1 ½” Spare socket (plugged)

    1" Top Feed

    3" Fill/Vent

    Lockable Cabinet

    Lifting Eyes


    Control of pollution (oil storage) (England) regulations 2001, PPG2, PPG26 and BS799 pt5.

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 3010
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    3000 Litre Bunded Fuel Station

    3000 Litre Bunded Fuel Station
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