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    25 Litre CEMO Petrol Cannister with Nozzle

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    Approved for Transport of fuel

    HDPE Construction

    Manual Hand Pump Nozzle

    1.5 Metre Delivery Hose

    Integral Handle

    Dimensions: 360L x 240W x 430H

    Weight: 2.1kg

    Manufacturer Code 11367
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    This 25 litre Petrol Cannister from CEMO is an economical solution to on-site refuelling of petrol powered machinery. The dispensing petrol cannister comes fitted with a 1.5 metre delivcery hose & manual nozzle pump.

    The CEMO 11367 - 25 Litre petrol cannister comes complete with the following -

    1.5 Metre delivery hose

    Manual hand pump nozzle - 7.5 L/min

    Knurled nut for securing cap

    Integral handle

    Nozzle holder

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 25
    Material: Plastic
    Tank Type: Single Skin

    25 Litre CEMO Petrol Cannister with Nozzle

    25 Litre CEMO Petrol Cannister with Nozzle
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