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    20,000 Litre High Security Containerised Diesel Dispensing Tank

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    Availability Built to Order

    High Security Containerised Diesel Dispensing Tank

    Standard container doors and roller shutter door

    Overfill Prevention Valve

    230v Piusi Cube 56 & Water Particle Filter

    10 Metre Hose reel with Automatic Nozzle

    10 Year warranty (over 30 years life expectancy)

    Dimensions: 6,050L x 2,440W x 2,590H (20' x 8' x 8.6')

    Brimful Capacity: 20,000 Litres

    Weight: 5,001Kg

    Manufacturer Code CON20DD
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    Tecalemit HDM 60 Full Dispensing Fuel Management System
    Price 2,960.00 3,552.00 inc VAT

    The Horn Tecalemit HDM60 Eco is a high-quality diesel dispensing pump with an integral HDA Cloud based fuel management system capable of tracking up to 4000 users/vehicles. The dispenser is 230v powered, and is fitted with an integral 55lpm transfer pump with a 4 metre delivery hose & automatic nozzle.

    This kit comes with the Tecalemit full cloud based software, which stores up to 10,000 local transactions, allows up to 4,000 vehicles and drivers and comes complete with a fuel level sensor to show live readings of the fuel within the tank. Thanks to the included GSM modem and sim card, the data shown on the online portal can be kept live and accurate.

    The system can be used with vehicle tags and driver codes, or just tags. This allows tracking for individuals, as well as vehicles. All of which is available to view on the online portal.

    The questionnaire allows us to fully set the system up before delivery, allowing the unit and software to be ready to go as soon as it gets to you. The first year of the software hosting are included within the package.

    The HDA system offers -

    MPG Reports

    Fuel Used per driver and vehicle

    Vehicle groups or departments

    Odometer entry

    Messages to be sent to drivers when they next log in

    Preset amount to be dispensed

    Transaction totals

    Filter by date range

    Full traceability

    Piusi Self Service MC Dispensing Fuel Management System
    Price 1,795.00 2,154.00 inc VAT

    The Piusi Self Service MC Fuel Management System is an innovative raps oil and diesel dispenser, which offers authorised users fast and precise dispensing and fuel monitoring features. This Piusi fuel monitoring unit, which comes standard with a nozzle holder, incorporated diesel transfer pump, motor and electronic meter, is capable of recording the date, time and amount of fuel dispensed for the last 255 transactions.

    The Self Service MC fleet fuel management system has the capability of controlling up to 80 users as standard, allowing only these users to have access to the pump and therefore providing the tank owner with fuel security. It can be controlled and set up at the unit, by means of pin code or magnetic data key.

    Whereas these stand-alone Piusi fuel management systems show transaction data on the unit’s screen; there is an optional Piusi Self Service Management 2018  software package that permits the exporting of data to a local PC for analysis. For more advanced software look at the Self Service 2.0 version of this unit. The Self Service MC diesel management systems come either as floor-mounted versions or Mini versions, which can be wall-mounted or fitted onto the side of a bunded diesel tank.

    Software pack comes complete with 10 x User Keys & 1 x Manager Key

    Samoa Polaris 70 Wall Mounted Diesel Pump Kit
    Price 955.00 1,146.00 inc VAT

    The SAMOA Polaris Series Wall Mounted transfer Pump Kit is a wall or tank mountable metered diesel pump kit housed within a lockable cabinet. The unit includes a 230v - 50Hz diesel pump with 1.8 m cable and plug, cabinet with nozzle holder with automatic on/off switch, 4m delivery hose, automatic nozzle and a three digit meter flange mounted to the pump and with a 90° swivelling elbow outlet.

    Inlet connection: 1" BSP (F) or flange coupling

    Maximum suction lift: 2.5m

    Pressure: 1.7 bar

    230v - 50hz - 3 amp - 500 watt

    Electric AC motor with IP55 protection, allow continuous operation duty.

    On/off switch and fuse.

    Price 34,590.00 41,508.00 inc VAT

    This Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank is designed to provide high levels of fuel security for large quantities of fuel. The diesel tank itself is fitted inside a 20ft ISO bunded container, which is further secured by the additional high security lockable roller shutter door fitted behind the standard container hinged doors. Because this tank is housed within a container, from the outside it looks like any container would with almost no indication that large quantities of fuel is stored inside.

    This 20,000 litre steel bunded diesel dispensing tank is capable of being lifted and transported around site when full and comes fitted with 230v fuel transfer equipment including a Panther 56 diesel pump, mechanical flow meter, 10 metre hose reel, automatic shut off nozzle and a 10 micron water & particle filter. If you require different dispensing equipment like a fuel management system, please contact us for a quote.

    The NTS CON20 diesel tank is manufactured in compliance with BS799 from high quality mild steel plate to BS EN 10025.


    20,000 Litre capacity

    230v Diesel transfer pump

    10 Metre delivery hose with spring-retractable hose reel

    3 digit mechanical flow meter

    Automatic shut off nozzle

    Overfill valve

    Unitel hydrostatic contents gauge

    Bund gauge

    Lockable hinged steel doors

    Lockable aluminium roller shutter door

    Outlets - 1 x 1.5" BSP feed point, 2 x 1" BSP feed Point, 1 x 1/2" BSP feed Point, 1 x 1/2" BSP Return point

    To change any of the standard specification, please contact us for a quote

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 23220
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    20,000 Litre High Security Containerised Diesel Dispensing Tank

    20,000 Litre High Security Containerised Diesel Dispensing Tank
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