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    2000 Litre NTS Steel Bunded Heating Oil Tank

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    Bunded Steel Heating Oil Tank

    Tank Contents & Bund Gauge

    Top Lift Points (Lift empty only)

    2" BSP Fill Point with Cap

    2" BSP Vent with Cap

    1" BSP Bottom Outlet

    Dimensions: 1,500L x 1,250W x 1,540H

    Weight: 346Kg

    Brimful Capacity: 2,025 Litres

    Manufacturer Code SEB2000H
    Tank Leg Kits
    Contents Gauge
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    Also refered to as a 'Tank Pack' or 'Bottom Outlet Kit' This filter assembly kit is a filter designed for heating oil tanks and comes complete with everything that is required to quickly and simply install it.

    This kit has an optional Ultra Compact Isolation Valve, which is designed to replace the 1" x ½” conical fitting that is supplied in the standard kit. By doing this, the isolation valve becomes the first compotent to be screwed into the tank. This would allow an engineer to replace the filter without draining the contents of the tank should the filter ever need changing.

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    The SpillStop 2” Overfill Prevention Valve protects both the environment and the individual from the effects of fuel spillage. This overfill protection device is suitable for use on both fuel and diesel storage tanks, which may have a pumping or gravity feed system. Once the tank has reached its maximum fuel capacity, this valve will close to prevent any additional fuel from being delivered, thus preventing overfilling. A version of this can be supplied specifically for use on plastic tanks.

    Flow Rate Range (Litres per minute) - 35-600

    Pressure Range (Bar) - 0.15-6

    Working Temperature - -20/+50ºc

    Unitel Tank Gauge Percentage Display
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    This fuel tank level gauge is suitable for horizontal, vertical, cylindrical and rectangular tanks, with heights between 900mm and 3000mm for diesel and up to 2500mm for Water/AdBlue , making the Unitel a highly popular and versatile tank level indicator.

    The Unitel fuel tank gauge also benefits from a handy adjustable second needle for setting a level parameter, which you can then use to indicate the level at which you need to reorder fuel. Supplied in an impact resistant casing, the Euroindex contents gauge can be easily wall or tank mounted.

    Price 2,197.44 2,636.93 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Available

    Manufactured in the UK from Mild Steel Plate, this Steel Bunded Heating Oil Tank is suitable for the storage of most fuels and light oils.

    Included with this Bunded Heating Oil Tank is -

    Bund Gauge

    Tank Contents Gauge

    2" BSP Fill Point with Cap

    2" BSP Tank Vent with Cap

    1" BSP Bottom Outlet (Top outlet on request)

    Top Lift points (Lift empty only)

    1" BSP Spare socket into bund

    10 Year Guarantee

    This self bunding, steel oil storage tank is manufactured to comply with all current regulations.
    Suitable for above ground instillations at Domestic, Commercial, Agricultural and industrial locations for storage of Paraffin, Kerosene, diesel oils and light lubricant oils.

    Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from mild steel plate to BS EN 10025.The inner tank providing the required storage area, the outer tank forms the required bund, with capacity of 110% of the total liquid being stored.

    The tank vent is piped into the bund then to atmosphere further reducing the risk of spills in the event of overfilling the tank. Tanks are fitted with steel base supports to eliminate ground contact with the tank base. The tanks can also be fitted with steel legs to raise of the floor for gravity feed applications

    Compliancy: BS799 part 5, Control of pollution (oil storage) (England) Regulations 2001, PPG2, PPG26.

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 2000
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    2000 Litre NTS Steel Bunded Heating Oil Tank

    2000 Litre NTS Steel Bunded Heating Oil Tank
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