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    1150 Litre IBC Spill Pallet With 4 Way FLT - 2 IBC


    100% Polyethylene for Chemcial compatability

    Removable plastic grid for easy cleaning

    Forklift pockets for easy transport

    Dimensions: 2340L x 1225W x 610H

    Sump capacity: 1,150 Litre

    Holds: 2 x 1,000 Litre IBC

    UDL: 2,500Kg

    Weight: 91Kg

    Manufacturer Code BB2FW
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    These Oil Absorbent Pads are the ideal solution for absorbing hydrocarbon based oils, fuels and petroleum based liquids. Made of closely bonded polypropylene with a low linting cover stock on both sides, these dimpled and bonded oil spill pads are the ideal product for dealing with unexpected spills.

    These oil spill pads are more durable than the Eco versions; even when used excessively and fully saturated they will not lint and pulp, and their tougher low-linting exterior enables them to be stood on and used as a wipe.

    These oil spill pads, which come in a box of 200, are each able to absorb up to 0.6litres. Thanks to their hydrophobic nature, these oil spill absorbent pads will not soak up water and will float on top even when completely saturated, which makes them suitable for applications where oil and water must be separated. Therefore, as well as being ideal for dealing with spills, removing floating oil from water is another application that these oil absorbent pads are designed for.

    31 Litre Drip Tray
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    Backed by a 3 year guarantee.

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    Free Delivery Available

    This robust spill pallet is designed to hold 2 x 1000ltr IBCs side by side on the plastic mesh deck, has 4-way fork lift access and the large capacity sump complies with all the UK regulations relating to sump capacities.

    Backed by a 3 year guarantee.

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 1140
    Holds: 2 IBC
    Material: Plastic

    1150 Litre IBC Spill Pallet With 4 Way FLT - 2 IBC

    1150 Litre IBC Spill Pallet With 4 Way FLT - 2 IBC
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