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    190 Litre Steel Bunded Portable Diesel Tank

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    Availability 15-20 Days

    Steel Bunded Portable Diesel Tank

    Can be Lifted & Moved Whilst Full

    Wheels for Easy Transportation

    Integral Fork Lift Pockets

    Hi Flow Manual Hand Pump c/w 1m Delivery Hose

    10 Year Warranty

    Dimensions: 790L x 540W x 1290H

    Capacity: 190 Litres

    Weight: 130kg

    Manufacturer Code WB190
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    Piusi Panther 56 Diesel Transfer Pump
    Price 154.00 184.80 inc VAT

    The Panther pump for transferring diesel is one of PIUSI's historical products. The Panther diesel transfer electric pump is available in the 56, 72 and 90 versions. The Panther diesel transfer pumps has been designed and engineered directly by the Piusi team to meet all those application requirements that need a high performance and durable product.


    The Panther diesel transfer pumps are versatile and can be applied in different sectors including automotive, transport, agriculture, workshop and construction. The Panther volumetric, rotary, self-priming vane transfer pump has a high seal and is reliable even in use at low temperatures. With its solid and resistant body, the Panther is an easy-to-install diesel transfer pump, suitable for applications in diesel dispensers and fixed fuel transfer systems, as well as other industrial applications.

    The compact cast iron structure makes it the perfect solution for high performance and reliability.


    In the range of diesel transfer pumps, Panther 56-72-90 is equipped with a by-pass valve for precise adjustment of the quantity of flow transferred, while dispensing, with a flow rate of up to 90 l/min. The vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes, and the induction motor with aluminum casing make this diesel electric pump suitable for continuous cycle applications, up to 30 minutes, resulting in a reliable and quality product. The thermal protection protects it in case of motor overloads.

    Piusi A60 Automatic Diesel Nozzle
    Price 85.00 102.00 inc VAT

    The Piusi A60 diesel nozzle is automatic fuel nozzle design for private, non-resale refuelling of vehicles. As an automatic fuel pump nozzle, it will shut off when the tank is full, preventing an overfill scenario and allowing the safe use of the integrated 3 positions stay open latch. The Piusi standard automatic diesel nozzle is a perfect solution for refuelling vehicles such as lorries, small commercial vehicles and machinery and passenger cars.

    The Piusi Auto 60 refuelling nozzle is commonly used alongside Piusi Panther 56 diesel transfer pump. The fuel nozzle is also available as an A70 fuel nozzle with a higher flow rate, which is typically used with Piusi Panther 72 transfer pump.

    These Piusi automatic fuel nozzles are well known in the market as a reliable and comfortable to handle solution, without the added cost that comes with the forecourt style brands. For higher flow rate versions of this Piusi automatic diesel nozzles please look at the related products.

    Not suitable for gravity fed operation.

    Cim-Tek Tank Drying Sock
    Price 11.90 14.28 inc VAT

    The Cim-Tek Tank Dryer is a fuel tank water absorber, which has been developed in response to the increasing concerns regarding water contamination of fuel. By checking for, and removing any unwanted water, the Tank Dryer reduces the damaging impact that this contamination has on machinery and vehicles. The Tank Dryer, or 'tank sock' as it is often referred to, contains highly absorbent silica gel, which when lowered into the tank absorbs up to 350ml of water.

    Price 998.00 1,197.60 inc VAT
    Free Delivery Available

    The WB is a Mild steel rigid container with a steel portable bund, fully welded with a mechanical handling base. A Hinged outer lid provides full access to an internal IBC and tank fittings. Both the inner and outer tanks are constructed from mild steel plate in compliance with BS EN 10025.

    The inner tank provides the required storage area, Whilst the outer tank forms the required bund with a capacity of 110% of the total liquid being stored. These units are built to the same stringent standards as the UN approved Fuel Bank range, and capable of being lifted and transported around site when full.

    This 190 Litre Wheelie Bin comes with a Hand Pump, Contents Gauge and Wheels for easy transportation.

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 190
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    190 Litre Steel Bunded Portable Diesel Tank

    190 Litre Steel Bunded Portable Diesel Tank
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