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    1250 Lite NTS Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank - Inset Cabinet

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    Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank

    2" BSP Fill Point

    Tank to Bund Vent

    Secure Steel Lockable Sumped Cabinet

    10 Year Warranty (30 year life expectancy with proper maintenance)

    Dimensions: 2,400L x 650W x 1,530H

    Brimful Capacity: 1,283 Litres

    Usable Capacity: 1,230 Litres

    Weight: 510Kg

    Full Bespoke Build Available

    Manufacturer Code TEBT1250
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    +/- 1% Accuracy

    Suitable for use with Diesel, B100 Biodiesel, AdBlue & Antifreeze

    Backlit electronic display

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    This kit comes with the Tecalemit full cloud based software, which stores up to 10,000 local transactions, allows up to 4,000 vehicles and drivers and comes complete with a fuel level sensor to show live readings of the fuel within the tank. Thanks to the included GSM modem and sim card, the data shown on the online portal can be kept live and accurate.

    The system can be used with vehicle tags and driver codes, or just tags. This allows tracking for individuals, as well as vehicles. All of which is available to view on the online portal.

    The questionnaire allows us to fully set the system up before delivery, allowing the unit and software to be ready to go as soon as it gets to you. The first year of the software hosting are included within the package.

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    Filter by date range

    Full traceability

    Price 3,103.74 3,724.49 inc VAT

    Our Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tanks are perfect for use anywhere fuel is required. This 1,250 litre capacity Steel Bunded Diesel tank is manufactured by us, in the North of England.

    The TEBT1250 Bunded Diesel Tank comes as standard with a secure, sumped lockable cabinet which is fitted with a steel door. All of our tanks are manufactured from high quality mild steel plate to BS EN 10025. This Diesel Dispensing Tank can be equipped with almost any equipment required, so is suitable for almost all installations.

    The outer tank holds a minimum of 110% of the inner tank to comply with all current legislation & comes with a 10 year guarantee, though if properly maintained, all of our Fuel Tanks are built to last over 30 years.

    This 1,250 litre Steel Diesel Tank can be be fully bespoke built, whether it's a different inlet / outlet, higher flow pump, hose reels or even a split compartment to allow storage of other fluids like DEF within the same tank. We can also adjust the Length, Width or Height to suit your requirement. Please contact us to discuss options & get a quote.

    Standard Spec -

    Bund & Contents Gauge

    2" BSP Fill Point with Cap & Non return valve

    Tank Vent Cap

    Corner Plinths with optional tank legs

    High Security Sumped Cabinet with Lockable Steel Door

    Lifting Points (Lift empty only)

    BS381C 226 - Green (Any colour available on request. Marine grade paints available)

    10 Year Guarantee (life expectancy over 30 years if properly maintained)

    Contact us if you would like a quote for this tank & let us know if you'd require any changes / additional items

    Compliancy -

    BS799 part 5

    Control of pollution (oil storage) (England) regulations 2001



    Product Specification
    Capacity: 1250
    Material: Steel
    Tank Type: Bunded

    1250 Lite NTS Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank - Inset Cabinet

    1250 Lite NTS Steel Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank - Inset Cabinet
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