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    1000 Litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank

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    Integrally bunded plastic oil tank

    10 Year warranty

    2" BSP Fill point

    16" Lockable access lid

    4" Lockable inspection cap

    1" BSP bottom outlet

    Dimensions: 1,900L x 650W x 1,515H (mm)

    Weight: 120Kg

    Brimful Capacity: 1,000 Litres

    Manufacturer Code 1000SBO
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    Oil Tank Filter Kit
    Price 22.00 26.40 inc VAT

    Also refered to as a 'Tank Pack' or 'Bottom Outlet Kit' This filter assembly kit is a filter designed for heating oil tanks and comes complete with everything that is required to quickly and simply install it.

    This kit has an optional Ultra Compact Isolation Valve, which is designed to replace the 1" x ½” conical fitting that is supplied in the standard kit. By doing this, the isolation valve becomes the first compotent to be screwed into the tank. This would allow an engineer to replace the filter without draining the contents of the tank should the filter ever need changing.

    Apollo Ultrasonic Tank Gauge
    Price 74.00 88.80 inc VAT

    The Apollo Oil Tank Gauge is an easy to retrofit ultrasonic level indicator generally used as a domestic oil tank gauge.

    The Apollo is made up of a transmitter that is installed at the tank, and a digital receiver that can be plugged inside the building to conveniently display the tank level without the user having to remember to go outside to check.

    This oil tank level indicator measures the tank’s contents and transmits the level to the receiver, provided that is within its 200 metre range. The standard version of this oil tank level monitor is suitable for plastic tanks only. However, an adaptor can be purchased as an accessory to make it work on steel tanks.

    Apollo Smart Ultrasonic Tank Gauge
    Price 120.00 144.00 inc VAT

    The Apollo Smart Oil Tank Gauge is a combined tank level indicator and low level oil tank alarm designed for domestic heating applications. It comprises of two aspects; a transmitter that fits on the tank with a local level display, and a receiver that plugs into a wall socket inside the property for a convenient reading so that the user doesn't have to go outside to check.

    The integrated oil tank alarm sounds when the oil level reaches a low status to alert the user that they need a fuel delivery, as well as sounding if the tank contents drop suddenly indicating a potential theft.

    The Apollo Smart has a number of handy features available for the user’s easy viewing on the receiver display. Fuel consumption is monitored and displayed in litres and cost by day, week, month or year, which is also used to estimate the number of days until the tank is empty. This function ensures that the home owner can always arrange a fuel delivery before their tank runs out.

    The Apollo Smart heating oil tank gauge also provides the user with a room temperature reading and CO2 emission data.

    Price 1,060.00 1,272.00 inc VAT

    This 1000 litre plastic bunded oil tank is designed for the safe storage of heating oil in domestic and commercial environments. Thanks to its slimline design it's ideal for use where there isn't much space available.

    The oil tank is rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene (MDPE) making it lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. The tank fully complies with all neccasary regulations and guidelines.

    Specification -

    16" Diameter lockable access lid

    4" Lockable inspection port

    2" Steel fill point with cap

    32mm pre-drilled hole for electronic gauges

    Inner tank vent

    10 year warranty

    Moulded in lifting handles

    1" BSP bottom outlet fitting

    Product Specification
    Capacity: 1000
    Material: Plastic
    Tank Type Bunded

    1000 Litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank

    1000 Litre Slimline Bunded Oil Tank
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